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Get simple data storage at scale with Dell PowerScale

Data is one of the most valuable assets a business possesses, and its storage is therefore a critical consideration for your organisation.

This is particularly true for unstructured data, as it is often difficult to keep track and make sense of this information.

While there are various options available that help with the storage of your business’s data needs, Dell PowerScale should be on top of your list.

Dell PowerScale is a powerful data storage solution which works with Intel technologies to set a new standard for unstructured data storage.

It allows you to manage your data easily across edge, core, and cloud – and brings structure to your unstructured data.

Crucially, PowerScale makes it easy to scale your data storage up or down, which is critical given that businesses are increasingly having to handle diverse and unpredictable workloads across several locations.

PowerScale solves this by making it easy to allocate the storage of data to the most cost-effective location, as and when you need it.

Improved storage efficiency

A key focus of Dell’s PowerScale range is the simplification and optimisation of the unstructured data storage process.

This is because Dell’s primary focus when creating the PowerScale product was to offer simplicity at scale.

This is enabled thanks to embedded DataIQ and CloudIQ, which make it easy to find and understand data insights regarding the health of your systems as well as that of your data within file and object stores.

Dell’s PowerScale solution also provides a single namespace, single file system environments, and enterprise-class data services to ensure businesses get simplicity, flexibility, and performance with increased efficiency.

This has resulted in up to a 10-times increase to administrative efficiency for those who switch to PowerScale – a crucial consideration for businesses, particularly given the increased importance of administrative efficiency in the new way of working.

Get Dell PowerScale from First Distribution

First Distribution is an authorized distributor of Dell Technologies products in South Africa – including the Dell PowerScale range.

If you are interested in Dell PowerScale, First Distribution can provide more information about the solution, and can even offer you a demo for a more in-depth overview.

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Get simple data storage at scale with Dell PowerScale