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Get robust Wi-Fi connectivity with Cambium Xirrus access points from ISE

Fast and stable Wi-Fi connectivity in high-traffic areas like large offices, schools and universities, and hotels cannot be achieved using off-the-shelf retail products.

To ensure users get a good experience when accessing a Wi-Fi network in one of these environments, you need to install enterprise-grade Wi-Fi access points that meet the highest technical standards.

Information Systems Engineering (ISE), which was started in 1991, is a specialist distributor of Cambium Xirrus Wi-Fi products – which meet these high standards, particularly in high-traffic areas.

ISE has been distributing enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solutions for the past 15 years to their dealer base for end customers in the hospitality, healthcare, financial, warehousing, and manufacturing sectors.

The company has found great success with the Cambium Xirrus Wi-Fi range, and in partnership with Sizwe IT Group has provided 650 Western Cape public schools with full Wi-Fi networks, and provided another 250 schools with coverage in their computer lab and staff areas.

In addition to this, 80 Curro schools and 3 Stadio campuses have also been supplied with connectivity.

Furthermore, ISE offers value-added services that run over Wi-Fi – such as marketing surveys and campaigns – which the channel can offer their customers to monetise their free Wi-Fi in public spaces.

How ISE helps clients

ISE Founder and CEO Sean Vollmer said the company supplies the channel with the best-performing Wi-Fi access points for challenging environments.

“Our signature approach to client relationships is based on attention to detail and understanding their requirements,” Vollmer stated.

“We team up with our dealers, giving them the support required and allowing them to benefit from our years of expertise and knowledge.”

“We have highly-trained engineers who will attend to your customer’s site to assist with your design,” he added.

Why use Cambium Xirrus Wi-Fi

The reason ISE has selected Cambium Xirrus Wi-Fi solutions is simple: its technology supports constantly changing environments and always-available connectivity.

The Xirrus high-density access points are ideal for providing robust wireless connectivity in areas of medium to high density, such as classrooms, lecture halls, meeting rooms, and open-plan offices.

IOT sensor networks can also be enabled using Xirrus high-density access points.

In particular, the Xirrus XA4 high-density access point with external antenna connectors is the highest-capacity plenum-rated Wi-Fi access point available in the market today and delivers massive scalability.

It can handle challenging locations with high ceilings or long hallways by directing radio frequency signals using directional external antennas.

This indoor high-density access point also boasts a powerful multi-core integrated controller, application level intelligence, automated provisioning, and optional cloud management.

It is so powerful, in fact, that just one high-density Xirrus Wave 2 access point replaces up to four standard Wave 2 access points.

Cambium Network solutions also provides high-speed connectivity in line-of-sight, near-line-of-sight, and non-line-of sight-conditions for distances of up to 245km.

With industry-leading spectral efficiency, network operators can provide the highest data rates in the minimum amount of radio frequency spectrum.

Contact ISE today

Vollmer said ISE has built close relationships with its clients and prides itself in helping them close deals by applying its vast knowledge of radio frequency design and implementation.

For more information on Cambium Xirrus solutions, email [email protected] or call 087 550 1800.

Click here to learn more about ISE’s products and services.

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Get robust Wi-Fi connectivity with Cambium Xirrus access points from ISE