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Save big on ink costs when you make the switch to Epson EcoTank printers

At more than R10,000 per litre, printer ink is among the world’s most expensive liquids.

As a major office expense, it is no wonder that many businesses enforce strict printing policies among their employees.

Having to manage employees’ printing habits while they are working from home can also make it difficult to curb wasteful incidents.

Fortunately, Matrix Warehouse and Epson EcoTank printers offer a solution to the exorbitant costs of printer ink.

Because they use large ink tanks instead of cartridges – which can be refilled with affordable ink bottles – Epson EcoTank printers offer up to 79-times more pages printed than standard printers.

Right from the start, the included ink also allows you to print up to 14,000 pages.

Additionally, these printers consume less power – which means you save on electricity costs.

Matrix Warehouse

Matrix Warehouse stocks a wide range of Epson EcoTank printers for both business and home users.

This includes the following models:

  • EcoTank L3110
  • EcoTank L3150
  • EcoTank L4160
  • EcoTank L5190
  • EcoTank L6170
  • EcoTank M1100
  • EcoTank M2140

One notable example from this list is the 3-in-1 EcoTank L3110.

Operating costs on this model are almost negligible – with the included ink producing up to 8,100 pages in black and white, and 6,500 in colour.

This can save you around 90% on the cost of ink compared to conventional printers.

Buy your EcoTank today

At only 7 cents per colour page, switching from a conventional printer to an Epson EcoTank device can save you up to R21,600 in operational costs – depending on the printer you currently use.

Epson South Africa provides a useful calculator which lets you compare the operational costs of its printers against popular models from other leading manufacturers. 

Try it out to see how much your office or home can save on printing.

Click here to view the EcoTank range of printers and cartridges available from Matrix Warehouse.

This article was published in partnership with Matrix Warehouse.

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Save big on ink costs when you make the switch to Epson EcoTank printers