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Micro Focus ArcSight Intelligence – Proactive protection against security breaches

While many organisations prioritise perimeter security, about 80% of organisational breaches are due to credential theft.

This is according to Christiaan Swanepoel, Identity Director at Secured Identity Technologies.

Swanepoel highlighted that security measures combatting breaches have historically been reactive in South Africa, but modern technologies make it easy to be proactive against such threats – particularly in the case of access-related security threats.

“Users conduct their base job roles daily – whether it is at home or in the office – accessing information in a certain pattern,” Swanepoel explained.

“This is a learnable item. Each identity has a way of working, using certain items, systems, and applications for specific durations of the working day.”

He said these learnable patterns can be used to determine when a malicious party is using someone’s credentials to access your system, or if someone in your organisation is doing something malicious.

ICT solutions provider Micro Focus has a market-leading solution which takes advantage of these patterns to protect your organisation – called ArcSight Intelligence.

Micro Focus ArcSight Intelligence

Micro Focus invested in security company Interset in 2018 and has since rebranded its solutions to ArcSight Intelligence.

It is the ultimate solution for analysing identity and access trends in your business systems.

Swanepoel said that Secured Identity Technologies is a leading partner of Micro Focus when it comes to ArcSight Intelligence, which he believes is great because of its integration of true User and Entity Behavioural Analytics (UEBA).

“We see a lot of vendors using the UEBA terminology across a variety of technologies which don’t offer true UEBA,” said Swanepoel.

“Micro Focus ArcSight Intelligence is one of the few solutions worldwide which actually offers UEBA – which is defined as connecting a user or an entity to a specific behavioural pattern.”

Another great feature of ArcSight Intelligence is that it can be placed on top of the security operations centres you already have, and uses machine learning and AI to integrate the data sets specifically contained within your security operations information.

This means you don’t need to change your current Security Operations (SOC/NOC) tools and technologies to add ArcSight Intelligence to your technology stack.

However, there are benefits to integrating ArcSight Intelligence into a Micro Focus Cyberres environment – not least the fact that Micro Focus’s security products are all leaders in the market.

Contact Secured Identity Technologies to learn more about ArcSight Intelligence from Micro Focus.

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Micro Focus ArcSight Intelligence – Proactive protection against security breaches