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Eliminate network silos to drive operational simplicity with Aruba unified infrastructure from Axiz

2020 has seen network infrastructure and operations teams been stretched more than ever. Hyper-distributed edge environments characterized by an increasingly remote workforce, the rapid growth of IoT connected devices, and a continuing need to provide secure connectivity to services hosted in the cloud and data centres are creating insurmountable levels of operational complexity.

Adding to this complexity is the independent management of WAN, wired, and wireless networks across campus, branch, remote worker, and data centre locations—often orchestrated by standalone, domain-specific tools.

Fragmentation of this magnitude creates an operational framework that is far too manual and inefficient. Increased risk is also a factor, as even routine changes can lead to unplanned downtime or security incidents due to operator error.

Monitoring, troubleshooting, and remediating network issues is equally cumbersome. In these distributed environments, performance problems can pop up anywhere, and there’s often no on-site IT personnel to readily address them.

Compounding this issue is that IT visibility continues to diminish as more infrastructure and users move beyond traditional office settings. The information that IT can gather via third-party network monitoring and reporting tools is often not actionable.

Some key benefits for your business using Aruba infrastructure in your business:

  • Improve IT efficiency with a cloud-native single pane of glass for WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN operations across campus, branch, and remote worker and DC locations.
  • Optimize user experience with AI-powered insights that find and fix issues before business is impacted.
  • Simplify and strengthen security with policies that are easily deployed and enforced across all network domains.
  • Gain extensibility and accelerate innovation by easily integrating with existing Aruba and third-party infrastructure.

Axiz expertise

The Axiz team of solutions experts are available to help you with your design and build requests for any environment.  Their years of Aruba certified knowledge and skill will help with key insights to deliver the most ideal networking environments for your customers.

Ready to buy? contact the team at [email protected] to find out how to change your world.

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Eliminate network silos to drive operational simplicity with Aruba unified infrastructure from Axiz