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Deliver powerful Wi-Fi for your business with Aruba Instant On from Axiz

By Traci Maynard, HPE Business Unit Manager at Axiz

In order for any business to be Instantly On, access to the Internet is fundamental – whether it be a ROHO (remote office home office), a restaurant or coffee shop, or hotel offering their patrons free Wi-Fi access.

It is also a fundamental link to the outside world and being able to set up this technology with ease, will be key for any business owner.

To start, having a clear understanding of your business environment will be critical.

Here are three key steps for identifying your business’s Wi-Fi needs.

Step #1 – Identify number of devices 

Think about how many devices are you connecting to your network?

Think laptops, phones, tablets, security cameras, PoS terminals, and smart devices like lighting and climate control.

That could be 1-50, 50 to 100 or 100+.

Step #2 – Determine usage requirements

Think about how much usage is required.

Determine whether this will be:

  • Light – such as for Internet browsing and file-sharing apps like Google Docs, M365 and SharePoint;
  • Moderate – for file-sharing apps, voice, video and music streaming;
  • High – for video conferences, critical apps and content creation.

Step #3Consider outdoor coverage

Think about if you need to have outdoor coverage.

Specialised equipment may be need to offer connectivity in areas like parking lots, pools, and patio areas.

Aruba Instant on benefits

The Aruba Instant On range includes a wide selection of products from Access Points (AP) for indoor and outdoor areas, to wired switches to ensure connectivity over long distances.

The Aruba Instant On App allows you to get the control you need to run your business remotely.

You can add and manage devices on your site—all from the palm of your hand – knowing that no licensing or subscription fees are required.

One can also access the Aruba Instant On platform via the web with the same easy-to-use features on a bigger screen allowing you to manage your network from the browser of your choice.

Axiz expertise

The Axiz team of solutions experts are available to help you with your design and build requests for any environment.

Their years of Aruba certified knowledge and skill will help with key insights to deliver the most ideal networking environments for your customers.

Finally Axiz can help all its partners become Aruba Certified – opening up your access to be competitive, fast, and ready to take advantage of the growth in mobile, cloud, and IoT.

By joining the best in class partner program – the Aruba Partner Ready for Networking Program – and working with Axiz experts, you can grow your businesses.

Click here to view the benefits of being part of the Aruba partner program.

Ready to buy? Contact the team at [email protected] to find out how to change your world.

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Deliver powerful Wi-Fi for your business with Aruba Instant On from Axiz