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Staying resilient with continuous learning

Resilience is a theme that has emerged from all over the world as we find ways to cope, learn, and grow through these unusual times.

We have good news for people who would like to start a career in, or who already work in, the technology industry.

Research shows that the pandemic has accelerated digitization to the tune of a projected 149 million new jobs in tech by 2025.

These jobs are expected to emerge in the following areas:

  • 98 million new jobs in software development
  • 23 million in cloud and data roles
  • 20 million in data analysis, machine learning, and AI
  • 6 million in cyber security
  • 1 million in privacy and trust

It’s the right time to get skilled

No matter where you are in your career, there are opportunities for you to improve your situation through skills development.

If you’re happily employed, and the pandemic has not significantly impacted your career path, this is a good opportunity to keep your skills relevant with training or explorations in new areas to ensure your knowledge remains current.

Alternatively, if you are actively looking for a new job, or are working towards a promotion, you may need to strengthen your skills to become a prime candidate for your preferred job.

Perhaps you’re a recent graduate, in which case you may need to develop additional skills for a specific role you’re interested in.

Wherever you are in your career, using this time of change to improve your skills can help you stay ahead.

Get role-based tech training

As a Microsoft Learning Partner, Mecer Inter-Ed (MIE) offers a broad range of Microsoft training courses on topics such as the cloud and Microsoft Office.

Our curriculum is kept up to date with the latest Microsoft content and labs and supported by a large team of subject matter experts and certified instructors.

Specific, in-demand Microsoft products covered in these courses include Microsoft AzureMicrosoft Office and Microsoft 365.

In addition to general courses, MIE has a portfolio of technical role-based training and certifications on offer to help you stay up-to-date and be future-ready.

Role-based training focuses on department objectives rather than product knowledge.

For example, training and certification for a cloud administrator covers a broad set of products including data management and analytics, system properties and provisioning rules, VMs, and even resource management.

This helps provide a valuable set of skills to be successful in a specific role, and in turn, makes you valuable as an employee or partner.

Learn in the style that fits best

Everyone learns differently.

Whether you want to connect virtually to a live instructor-led classroom course, experience our top-of-the-class training facilities in person, or prefer that we bring our expert training to your facilities – MIE offers you the highest-quality learning.

These various delivery options are as follows:

  • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) – Virtually delivered instructor-led live training sessions offer you the same benefit you would receive when attending one of our scheduled classroom training sessions. Students connect to our virtual classroom and receive a similar experience as facilitator led training, with live interaction and experienced, certified instructors.
  • Onsite training – Educate your team in the comfort of your own office – we provide a variety of onsite training options tailored to your organisation’s needs.
  • Free training events provide unique upskilling experiences, combining presentations with demonstrations, discussions, and hands-on workshops virtually and/or in person.  Currently, MIE in partnership with Microsoft is sponsoring free Azure Data and AI Fundamentals courses to support and uplift the Microsoft Partner Community.
  • Instructor-led training  MIE as your Microsoft Learning Partner of choice uses only Microsoft Official Courses taught by Microsoft Certified Trainers. This allows for customized training plans and dedicated attention and support to advance your technical expertise quickly.

Keep moving forward

Just as Microsoft training provides new skills to those in specific roles, Microsoft Certifications are designed to validate that you have actually attained these in-demand talents.

This is key to showing current and future employers that you are the right candidate for the job you are targeting.

Let MIE help you to learn and grow – even during the pandemic.

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Staying resilient with continuous learning