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How to thrive in a multi-cloud world – Register now

Dell Technologies and VMware are offering a free online workshop regarding multi-cloud technologies.

“How to thrive in a multi-cloud world” is a valuable topic for a webinar as organisations continue to rethink their cloud strategies.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the general evolution of the modern organisation, a multi-cloud strategy has become increasingly important in IT infrastructure.

It is therefore critical that your organisation understands the benefits of multi-cloud, as well as how it can help optimise your systems.

About the event

As key players in the cloud industry, Dell Technologies and VMware are expertly positioned to provide advice on how your organisation can find value in multi-cloud.

Both of these tech giants have helped countless organisations in this regard and are now working together to provide more information in this webinar.

Key insights from the event will include:

  • How to bring together private, public and edge clouds into one consistent, hybrid experience.
  • How to reduce infrastructure costs while gaining agility and flexibility in deployment and consumption.
  • How to deliver cloud-native apps to enhance customer experience and competitive advantage.

Dell Technologies Director of Systems Engineering Greg McDonald will be giving the keynote address and will discuss the important factors in navigating the fast-evolving IT landscape using a multi-cloud model.

Focus sessions will then investigate multi-cloud further, with each session prioritising specific sub-topics.

These focus sessions will be run by Ian Jansen Van Rensburg – VMware Solution Engineering Senior Manager – and Tony Bartlett – Director: Data Centre Compute SADC at Dell Technologies.

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The “How to thrive in a multi-cloud world” webinar is an absolute must for cloud decision-makers.

It takes place on 20 January from 10:00 until 11:45 and will be completely online – meaning there is no excuse for missing it.

Click here to register for the webinar.

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How to thrive in a multi-cloud world – Register now