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Ellies solar is the ideal energy solution for any lifestyle or business – so what’s holding us back?

Myths and misunderstanding have been handbrakes. Ellies is determined to change that with facts.

Over many decades, especially in the last 20 years solar power/photo voltaic solutions have become vastly superior to anything before.

Initially, it was complicated, expensive, perhaps also intimidating. Although people understood the need for shifting to alternative power, trust was an issue. Fly-by-night companies haven’t done any favours in establishing trust in the worth and longevity of solar either – especially with a hefty price tag.

You won’t have any doubts with Ellies. We have a reputation that we have built over 40 years. We are a sound business producing and providing a range of products that are sourced or manufactured to highest standards of quality.

You can trust our solar solutions to be nothing less than the best.

While solar energy as energy solution still feels very new, it’s actually not. In fact, the concept of solar energy dates back to 1839 when a French scientist named Edmond Becquerel discovered the photovoltaic effect using the sun to generate electricity.

He was only 19 years of age when he placed silver chloride in an acidic solution, creating electrolytic cells which generated voltage or a current of electricity when exposed to light.

Solar power solutions have improved exponentially, developing and maturing significantly. Ellies range of technology ‘bundles’ provide best-of-breed alternative energy options and are more affordable and easier to understand and operate than you think.

Our reliable solar power solutions are supported by expert electrical installers who are accredited and qualified by institutions and maintain impeccable standards. Ellies makes cutting-edge solar technologies simpler and more accessible – a power independence reality.

We believe in being more than a solar product supplier – providing comprehensive energy solutions of the highest quality to the market and those who need it the most.

A stored energy solution is the key to peace of mind. A solar solution from Ellies is just that. Batteries are charged by the Solar Panels through the inverter and once the batteries are fully charged, the excess energy is used on the non-essential appliances so there’s no wastage of power.

Another benefit is cost saving on ever increasing bills from the national utility.

Ellies believes our solar energy solutions will ensure growth in our economy and increase business opportunities. Our team is determined to make alternative energy solutions like solar, easily accessible, right now.

With future fit power solutions for the economy energising our business and setting up success for businesses, agriculture and people who are too far off the grid – through providing solar energy power independence.

Ellies will be proud to power up alternative energy lifestyles which will go a long way in securing a clean energy future for the generations to come.

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Ellies solar is the ideal energy solution for any lifestyle or business – so what’s holding us back?