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How to start off 2021 with the best car insurance deal

Why not start off 2021 with the best car insurance deal?  While we have just emerged out of a financially devastating 2020 due to the pandemic, we still do not know what 2021 has to offer.

However, the following points could assist you with reducing financial strain by finding affordable car insurance.

Low risk means low premiums1

Car insurance premiums are based around risk, and as a consumer, you should try to reduce your risk as much as possible. You can do this by fitting an alarm system and immobilizer to your car, or parking in a secure garage.

Choose a popular car1

Insurers prefer to insure popular cars that are not expensive to repair.

Keep annual mileage low1

A car with low annual mileage will have a low premium. The less you travel, the lower the risk.

What about safe and defensive driving?1

Insurers are most interested in your driver profile. Are you a reckless driver who has submitted many claims over the years, or are you a slow and careful driver? A risky customer is likely to pay more in premium compared to a safe driver.

Raising your excess1

This could help with some policies where the higher your excess, the lower your premium will be. However, this means you will be liable to pay that higher excess should you claim.

Obtain quotes online1

It may pay off for you to search online for car insurance quotes. Ensure you have drawn up a list of the benefits you want, and then present them to the company providing the online quotes.

When you have selected the best quote, conduct research on the company’s reputation, and evaluate online reviews.

Carefully examine the policy, so that you know what you are buying. Cheap insurance could cost you more in the long run.

Request a discount1

Find out from the insurer if there are any discounts available. Safe driving can result in no claim submissions over a specific period. Some insurers reward their customers for this.


Car insurance is a complicated matter, and for this reason, this article only provides information. If you wish to obtain car insurance, it is recommended that you contact a certified financial advisor for professional advice.

If you are looking for affordable car insurance deals, contact PMD for more information.

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How to start off 2021 with the best car insurance deal