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By Arnold Graaff

Very few software developers were retrenched during the lockdown.

Those who were, were snatched up by other employers quickly.

Some of our Java Bootcamp graduates started their first job during the lockdown without even setting foot inside their new employer’s offices – working remotely since day 1!

For many new software developers, their first job can be an overwhelming adjustment, but this is not the case for graduates of our bootcamp thanks to its practical nature.

The importance of experiential learning

When I was at University studying for my first degree in Computer Science, my friends and I found the subject matter was often far removed from the practical implementation.

We had to put in a concerted effort to apply as much as we could in a practical manner, and Albert Einstein’s quote started making sense to me: “Learning is experience. Everything else is just information”.

In my career as a software engineer, I have learned that the more I implemented practically, the more I learned, and the more valuable my skills became to employers.

I also found that learning to think practically makes acquiring additional skills easier.

In 1990 I founded Compuways IT Consulting and Recruitment to supply software developers to employers as there was always more work available to do.

We also started cross-training these developers into new skill groups after-hours.

The practical nature of this training became known and we started doing it full-time in 2004 – and so Code College was born!

Java Bootcamp                      

We designed the Java Bootcamp with a clear goal: To teach budding software developers in a practical way, because experience is the best way to learn how to code!

Thanks to Code College’s relationship with Compuways, we are able to get feedback from our clients regarding the most in-demand skills, and our Java Bootcamp is therefore continuously evolving to keep satisfying employer needs.

We often place graduates from our Java Bootcamp into other skill areas like C#, PHP, and Python because we emphasise coding fundamentals that are universal in all coding languages.

Java is a good first language to learn as it is mature and widely used; it is easy to learn another language after you know Java (whereas the opposite is unfortunately not true).

About the bootcamp

At the bootcamp we cover a full-stack of the most prominent skills required: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, NoSQL, REST Api’s, React/Angular, Java (OCP Syllabus), and Java Spring Framework with all the most popular modules in it.

We encourage team-player activities making use of collaboration tools, online forums, and chat groups, and qualified trainers are always available and approachable.

The bootcamp can be done in a number of ways, including classroom-based, online via webinar, blended, full-time and part-time options.

It is designed to run over 6-12 months, and although it can be finished within 6 months (depending on your time and commitment) the majority of our students take 12 months to finish everything.

Accreditation and employment opportunities

Code College has an extensive list of alumni who are working at companies like Standard Bank, Absa, BMW, Discovery, SigniFlow, Dimension Data, iSolve, FNB, MIP, Digiblu, Autumn Leaf, Nedbank, Bytes, SIT4U, and Astidian Systems.

Our students are also automatically absorbed as Java Interns at Compuways and actively marketed from day one.

Code College has the following accreditation:

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Future-proof your career by entering the software development industry with Code College