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Hisense Laser TVs – The best way to watch your favourite shows

For those looking for the best possible TV viewing experience, look no further than Hisense’s state-of-the-art Laser TVs.

Hisense makes some of the best TVs in the world and offers great products for every kind of user.

For those looking for the best possible TV viewing experience, however, look no further than Hisense’s state-of-the-art Laser TVs.

  • Click here to learn more about the Hisense 80L5 and 100L5F Laser TVs

These Laser TVs use an innovative new technology called Laser Display Technology which is widely believed to be the next big thing in TV technologies.

Not only does this technology enable larger TVs to display high-quality pictures; it also offers major eye health benefits.

Hisense’s Laser TV range goes up to 150-inch TVs – with this largest model being the biggest TV in the world.

South African customers can choose between two top-end Hisense Laser TV models – the 80-inch 80L5, and the 100-inch 100L5F.

These TVs are the obvious choice for anyone looking for an immersive viewing experience while also protecting their eye health.

Protect your eyes

Hisense Laser TVs are much better for your eye health than traditional TVs thanks to their use of Laser Display Technology.

Laser Display Technology essentially consists of an incredibly powerful projector that uses a very wide-angled lens (a throw ratio of less than 0.4).

This results in the image you see on your Laser TV being reflected onto the screen and then to your eyes, rather than traditional TV technologies, which transmit the light directly into your eyes.

This is consistent with human visual perception, and will result in less eyestrain – even when you are watching TV for long periods.

Thanks to this Laser Display Technology, Hisense Laser TVs are also designed to be power-efficient, which is a major benefit in South Africa.

They consume less than 0.5W while on standby, and when in use, consumption only rises to 290W and 360W for the 80-inch and 100-inch TVs respectively.

This will result in you saving significant amounts of money on your electricity bill when compared to those using various other premium TVs.

Market-leading size and quality

Hisense Laser TVs also offer a truly immersive viewing experience.

The 80L5 and 100L5F both offer crisp 4K picture quality and support HDR10 – ensuring your favourite movies and series display smoothly and without any screen tearing.

This is thanks to Hisense’s cutting-edge, unique laser source technology called X-Fusion.

This technology uses a precise light source which delivers sharper images and more natural colours, resulting in a viewing experience that was previously only available in cinemas.

Both TVs offer an incredible 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, display 1.07 billion colours, and their light sources boast lifetimes of 25,000 hours.

The benefits of these TVs are even more impressive when you consider they are two of the largest TVs that you can purchase in South Africa – with there being no competition to the 100-inch model locally.

Despite this, even the 100-inch display can fit into a living area of almost any size – you simply need about three or four metres of distance between you and the TV for an optimal viewing experience.

Get a Hisense Laser TV

These Hisense Laser TVs also come with VIDAA U, a fantastic smart interface that makes it easy to access all of your apps and streaming services on your TV.
Services available through VIDAA U include Netflix, YouTube, DStv Now, Showmax, and Amazon Prime Video.

Hisense’s 80L5 and 100L5F Laser TVs are available from a variety of South African stores, including:

  • Atlas
  • Esquire
  • Game
  • HiFi Corp
  • Hirsch’s
  • House and Home
  • Kloppers
  • Makro
  • Rectron
  • Tafelberg
  • Takealot
  • Premium Outlet

You can now get these TVs for excellent prices – R34,999 for the 80L5 and R79,999 for the 100L5F.

The 100L5F is a particularly great deal, as Hisense has recently reduced the price of this TV in South Africa from R99,999.

This makes now the best time yet for you to buy the TV of your dreams.

Click here to learn more about the Hisense 80L5 and 100L5F Laser TVs.

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Hisense Laser TVs – The best way to watch your favourite shows