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5 ways IT can support remote working productivity

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused most of the world’s businesses to implement remote working for their employees.

While working from home was a trend that had been gaining steam even before the pandemic, many businesses who had been against the idea were forced to embrace it due to the global crisis.

Many had worried that remote working would result in a decrease in productivity among their workforce.

However, studies have shown that the opposite was true – software developers and IT professionals are actually more productive when working from home.

True productivity is not spending more hours working each day, but rather spending more time on the right work.

These studies found that remote workers were spending 4% more time on core work when operating from home, whereas their time spent on time-consuming tasks like emails, meetings, and calls decreased by 18%.

How IT can help your remote workers

HP and Intel are two of the most well-respected IT companies in the world and have been helping thousands of businesses give their remote employees optimal products and solutions for their work-from-home needs.

Through this experience, HP has been able to learn more about how businesses can support their workforces through IT products and services.

They have come up with five key ways you can support your remote workers, which are detailed below.

1. Keep your remote workers feeling valued

Give your workers PCs and accessories that are not only efficient, but a pleasure to use, prioritising elements like ergonomics, display quality, sound crispness, and design details.

2. Champion a healthy work-life balance

Remote working has blurred the gap between work and home. Therefore, it is crucial that you introduce products and solutions that promote a work-life balance – such as chat programmes with “away” modes.

3. Equip your employees with high-quality hardware

Productivity depends on having technology that is fast, reliable, and powerful.

4. Remote management is key

Free up your employees’ time by implement remote management solutions that allow things like upgrades and security patches to be executed automatically.

5. Collaborate with HR

HR is your direct line to your employees, and can help you understand what is inhibiting the productivity of your employees so that you can solve these problems with technology.

How can the HP Elitebook 1030 help?

The HP Elitebook 1030 with the Intel® Core™ i7 Processor is perfectly positioned to help improve the productivity of your remote workforce.

HP offers the world’s most secure and manageable PCs, while Intel powers these devices with state-of-the-art processors – ensuring that your employees are only using the best tools available.

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5 ways IT can support remote working productivity