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Reduce your electricity costs forever with Ellies

At Ellies, we are forward thinkers.

We are aware that the supply of electricity is at the heart of modern economies and that electricity demand is going to increase steadily.

Additionally, research by the International Energy Agency shows that developing economies will contribute nearly 90% of global growth in demand for electricity by 2040.

Ellies is therefore future-ready with cutting edge, alternative energy and solar power solutions for South Africans who want to reduce their footprint on the national grid.

At Ellies, we’re not merely suppliers of products; we offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions – offering best-of-breed products, installation, and maintenance by certified solar specialists.

Ellies has always been innovative and has a proud history of ‘firsts’ like inverter trolleys to carry heavy batteries and DIY energy monitoring for homes through Energy.

We want people to get into solar quickly and easily through our range of reliable renewable energy and solar power bundles.

Getting started with solar

Before, buying into solar meant buying into a complete system, which could cost a fortune.

Not anymore!

With an Ellies solution, you can start building your system without batteries (saving on initial costs) or without panels to at least have electricity during load shedding.

You can also opt for a system that gets you partially off the grid and is expandable over time.

This makes a total solar power solution much more attainable by reducing your initial capital outlay.

Additionally, unlike other companies who merely sell components, Ellies are your true partners – supporting you all the way as you make the transition.

Our range of products includes smaller solutions for homes, medium-sized systems for small business, and even tailor-made megawatt solutions for energy-hungry operations like big business, manufacturing and agriculture.

We’ll help you to tailor whichever type of solution you need to your specific situation – from design to installation to support and maintenance.

Here’s a challenge

Walk through your home and look at all the things that use electricity.

These include appliances, lighting, WiFi systems, HiFi systems, HD televisions, fridges, air-conditioners, heating appliances, kettles, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, security cameras, electric fencing, alarm systems and pool pumps.

Now add to that all of your mobile phones, tablets and computers which need to be powered or charged.

Electrical devices have worked their way into our world without us even noticing – and Ellies is helping you face this head-on.

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Reduce your electricity costs forever with Ellies