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ZonkeTech – The New Devs on the Block

The goal of any business during the pandemic is to streamline processes and improve productivity.

ZonkeTech software development are the new Devs on the block.  They have mastered working remotely while providing their clients effective software to enhance business productivity.

We’re not buzzword ninjas

ZonkeTech Chief Technology Officer, Lee Venkatsamy says “We are not the type of company that comes into a meeting to throw around buzzwords to make clients feel inferior. We explain concepts in layman’s terms so that businesses can understand and relate with how we’re assisting them.”

“We’re not buzzword ninjas. Projects of any size can be taken on with a phased approach, allowing enough room for changes along the way.”

“Whether a project’s timeline is 2 weeks or 2 years, our clients always receive simple and precise communication every step of the journey, with transparency being key.”

Since inception ZonkeTech have shared their expertise with many developing and blue-chip companies nationally and internationally.

They wow customers with their fast-loading websites, progressive web applications, business automation software and basically helping businesses do the things they love more efficiently by going digital.

ZonkeTech’s Development team are highly adept at developing customised software solutions.

Their flexible and customisable software development solutions will meet all of your business requirements while reducing the costs involved. We specialise in custom:

ZonkeTech Director, Seshni Doorsamy has emphasised ZonkeTech’s dedication to Technology and the businesses they work with saying “What sets us apart from the rest? What is our competitive edge? It’s simple, PASSION! Our passion to innovate and streamline business productivity has made our SME a force to be reckoned with. Taking our clients ideas and dreams and turning them into reality is our drive.”

What’s New?

Twisted Light, ZonkeTech’s latest brain child has launched. Twisted Light is a document signature system allows users to securely sign documents using their mobile device or desktop. This innovative document signing system has the following features:

  • Campaign Management – You can run multiple campaigns or teams on one account at NO EXTRA FEE.
  • Form Management – Form management allows your clients to fill in fields from documents digitally. All you need to do is manage what fields from your document are required.
  • Template Management – Template management gives you complete control over where signatures are placed on your documents.
  • User Management – There is NO CHARGE for additional users on a single Twisted Light account. You can add as many users as you require.

With all these cost-free features, what is the costing for this versatile system?

Twisted Light works on a subscription basis ranging from R200 up.  Click here to view pricing.

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ZonkeTech – The New Devs on the Block