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Super-fast storage in the palm of your hand

Seagate’s Expansion External SSD offers powerful performance and large storage in an impressively compact form factor.

This sleek drive can fit into most wallets and any laptop bag, allowing you to carry your important files with ease wherever you go.

As it’s a solid state drive, the Seagate Expansion SSD also offers greater reliability and much faster transfer speeds than typical external hard drives.

File transfers can go up to 400MB/s when used with a compatible USB 3.0 port. This means you can copy gigabytes of files in mere seconds.

With our own testing, we were able to transfer a 1GB folder containing multiple videos in just seven seconds.

Great for gaming and multimedia management

These speeds make it ideal for gamers looking to expand their storage, thanks to the quick copy and load times on offer.

It is also great for multimedia creators – including photographers, journalists, and filmmakers – who want to be able to shoot, dump, and transfer pictures and videos as quickly as possible.

The transfer speeds are fast enough to allow you to stream video straight from the SSD.

In addition, its unobtrusive design is a suited to the professional who may have to transport sensitive documents from one place to the next without being allowed to upload them.

Connecting it to your laptop, TV, console, or any other supported USB device is quick and simple with the included 20cm USB cable, which is designed to take up as little space as possible.

The SSD is ready out of the box for use on both PC and Mac, with no installation of software required. You can instantly start dragging and dropping files onto the drive.

Data protection included

Whether you’re using the drive to store precious memories or important work, you don’t want to worry about your SSD being compromised or damaged.

Fortunately, this Seagate SSD offers support for Rescue Data Recovery Services – which is included with your purchase.

This helps protect your data from anomalies like power outages, natural disasters, user error, and viruses for the duration of the drive’s 3-year warranty.

Find out more

The Seagate Expansion SSD is available in 500GB and 1TB capacities – which allows for flexibility of choice based on your precise storage needs.

Click here to buy the Seagate 1TB Expansion SSD from Takealot.

Images of our unboxing and hands-on testing of the Seagate 1TB Expansion External SSD are shown below.

Seagate Expansion Ultra Portable SSD

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Super-fast storage in the palm of your hand