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Watch Netflix, DStv, and YouTube with the Mediabox Maverick

Mediabox has launched is latest digital TV box, the Maverick – and it is coming to South Africa.

The Maverick is a smart device which you connect to your TV to watch all of your favourite content from popular streaming services such as Netflix, Showmax, Prime Video, DStv Now, and YouTube.

It is certified by Netflix, Google, and Amazon, and offers impressive hardware and software technologies that provide a first-class viewing experience.


The Mediabox Maverick is an Android TV device which runs Android 9 Pie.

It offers Chromecast built in and also supports dual band 2.4Ghz and 5GHz WiFi and Bluetooth.

This media box is powered by a quad-core processor and has 2GB RAM to ensure your favourite content can be broadcasted seamlessly.

You can watch this content in up to 4K quality, and the device also supports HDR – meaning that your viewing experience will be exemplary.

Audio quality is also brilliant with the Mediabox Maverick thanks to its Dolby Audio support.

Dolby Audio is the industry benchmark for high-quality audio technologies, meaning that you are getting a truly immersive entertainment experience when you use this device.

Improved power efficiency

Another highlight of the Maverick is its ultra-low power feature.

This feature ensures that even if you keep the device on at all times, it will not draw lots of power thanks to an ultra-low power consumption mode that kicks in whenever you are not actively using the device.

This feature is particularly useful in South Africa, where electricity is expensive.

When you want to wake the device from this ultra-low power mode, you simply use a voice command.

You can also use voice functionality to search for your favourite applications or shows – making this an incredibly convenient device.

Get the Mediabox Maverick

The Mediabox Maverick will launch in South Africa in February 2021.

Apex Interactive is the local distributor of the Maverick and other Mediabox devices – and will be supplying the Maverick to a number of leading South African tech retailers.

The device comes with a recommended retail price of R1,599.

Buy the Mediabox Maverick from the following retail outlets:

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Watch Netflix, DStv, and YouTube with the Mediabox Maverick