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Free fibre speed upgrades for Axxess clients

Axxess has announced that almost all of its Openserve Fibre customers will be getting their line speeds upgraded for free.

These speed upgrades will result in most customers’ speeds being doubled at no extra cost, and the upgrades will be permanent.

Axxess is able to do this thanks to Openserve upgrading connection speeds across its fibre and copper products from 1 March 2021.

Axxess will also carry the additional IP Connect (IPC) charges it incurs, meaning Axxess customers will not have to pay extra to benefit from Openserve’s improved speeds.

The following upgrades will automatically take place for current Axxess Openserve Fibre customers:

  • 10/10Mbps to 25/25Mbps – R645 per month
  • 20/20Mbps to 50/25Mbps – R805 per month
  • 50/25Mbps to 100/50Mbps – R935 per month
  • 100/50Mbps to 200/100Mbps – R1,135 per month

Existing Openserve 200/100Mbps fibre clients will not have their speeds upgraded, but will have their monthly subscription reduced from R1,505 per month to R1,135 per month – a major saving for these subscribers.

All new customers will also be offered these updated packages, making it a great time to sign up for Openserve Fibre from Axxess.

Axxess will implement these upgrades in a phased approach over the course of March 2021, and all customers will have their upgraded speeds by 1 April 2021.

“We are committed to providing our clients with the best service at the best price,” said Axxess.

“By carrying the additional IPC charges associated with these upgrades, we hope to offer a better, yet still affordable, Internet experience.”

Contact Axxess today to learn more about their Openserve Fibre products.

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Free fibre speed upgrades for Axxess clients