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Acer ConceptD – Made for creators

As a creator, you need a specific set of tools to do your best work.

However, many creators have settled for hardware that is not designed with them in mind – and independent research has found that 50% of people are using gaming and creative software on the same device.

The ConceptD range exists because Acer believes creators achieve their best work when equipped with hardware designed specifically for them.

Realistic colours

ConceptD devices are designed to overcome the barrier between creators and technology – enabling you to reach your full potential.

Specific features have been prioritised by Acer within this range as they are particularly important for creators.

For example, ConceptD display devices – including ConceptD laptop screens – are designed to offer a low Delta E.

Delta E refers to the difference between the colour being displayed and that which the human eye actually receives.

A low Delta E therefore means that the colours that you see on the display are more accurate, which is crucial for designers and other visual creators.

It is also important that all ConceptD devices offer low Delta E, as it means you will be seeing realistic and consistent colours – no matter whether you are using your laptop display or PC monitor.

Other key features

Another key feature of ConceptD devices is that they are extremely quiet; they produce noise levels of less than 40dBA.

dBA is the most accurate way to measure how loud sounds will be to humans, as it lowers the weighting of sound levels that the human ear is less sensitive to.

For example, the human ear is more likely to pick up and prioritise sounds in high audio frequencies than those in low audio frequencies – even if they are technically the same decibel level.

Other benefits of the ConceptD range include:

  • HDR1000 – ConceptD displays have a luminance range of 1000 nits – similar to that of the human eye – and a wider range of colours than most monitors.
  • Superior storage – You don’t need to choose between high-speed or high-capacity storage as ConceptD devices offer both.
  • Thunderbolt 3 – This technology offers high-speed transfers, quick USB charging, DisplayPort over USB-C, and the ability to connect multiple 4K displays simultaneously.
  • Killer Control Centre 2.0 – Including 2.5G Ethernet and Wi-Fi 6, as well as the ability to combine your Ethernet and wireless bandwidth to optimise your network.

Switch to ConceptD

If you are a creator who wants to up their game, switching to Acer ConceptD devices is a must.

These devices will boost your productivity and allow you to create amazing work.

Click here to view the Acer ConceptD range.

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Acer ConceptD – Made for creators