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The C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour is back!

The Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA), an international association of 32 members across over 55 countries, is hosting a series of C3 Global Cloud Skills Virtual Tour events in over 15 countries.

The Global Cloud Skills Virtual Tour is a part of an exclusive C3 event series.

In 2019, the Leading Learning Partners Association (The LLPA) introduced “C to the power of 3”, a cloud certification circle model that incorporates training, certification, reporting and nurturing services that are offered together by its 32 leading learning members to accelerate knowledge worldwide.

CTU Training Solutions, the proud LLPA member of South Africa, is excited to announce that it will host a local version of the Global Cloud Skills Virtual Tour event live from Pretoria.

This is because we recognize that transformation to cloud technologies requires skills transformation and, most importantly, that digital transformation is about people.

Amazing contributors

During this event, CTU Training Solutions – in close cooperation with Microsoft and other key partners – will provide business leaders, executives, IT professionals, developers and Microsoft Azure consultants an opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn from local and international leading industry experts on topics such as building high-performance teams and better leveraging existing and future cloud investments.

This exciting global tour is famous for bringing learning-focused thought leaders, executives, and partners together to collaborate and share best practices.

“Leading transformation starts with an idea, a vision and the ability to identify expectations. For this you must be informed, knowledgeable, and equipped,” said Patrick Kersten, Chairman of the Board at LLPA.

“The sphere of cloud technology is robust and ever changing. It is our ambition together with our host members to present multiple localized C3 Cloud Skills Tours to IT professionals and leaders everywhere, to share knowledge from leading experts and help organizations build a workforce for the future.”

Digitally transform your workplace

“Contrary to popular belief, digital transformation is less about technology and more about people,” said the Harvard Business Review.

“You can pretty much buy any technology, but your ability to adapt to an even more digital future depends on developing the next generation of skills, closing the gap between talent supply and demand, and future-proofing your own and others’ potential.”

The C3 Global Cloud Skills Tour aims to address the cloud skills gaps by ensuring all existing and future cloud customers have the technical and soft skills needed to be successful.

CTU Training Solutions will host this event live on Wednesday 21 April 2021 from 9:00am – 1:00pm.

“In 2017, the McKinsey Global Institute estimated that 60 percent of occupations had at least 30 percent of constituent work activities that could be automated by 2030—meaning that as many as 375 million workers globally would have to switch occupations or acquire new skills by 2030,” said McKinsey & Company, July 2020, in the article The future of work: Reskilling and remote working to recover in the next normal.

“With the accelerating adoption of AI and automation, and the rise in new ways of working, reskilling was already a priority for many organizations. The crisis has accelerated the trend as businesses have to quickly embrace remote working.”

“It is more important than ever before to undertake reskilling at scale. And to maintain resilience for the future, organizations would also benefit from adopting an agile approach to strategic workforce planning.”

“We need to adjust and embrace a more virtual way of living and more than ever it is vital that people remain closely connected.”

Geoff Hirsch, Director of Partner Channel, WW Learning & Readiness at Microsoft, said: “It is great to see that the global network of the Leading Learning Partner Association is showing leadership to deliver 100% virtual trainings to support our mutual customers in the continuation and acceleration of their skilling efforts to support their digital transformation strategy.”

“These efforts have been recognized by our mutual customers and Microsoft awarded the Leading Learning Partners Association with a global Learning Partner of the year award, for their continuous commitment for accelerating cloud skills.”

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The C3 Global Cloud Skills v-Tour is back!