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TekDesk v2.0 – The perfect standing desk

Anyone who works an office job – regardless of whether they are working remotely or working from their office at the moment – knows that sitting down all day can be incredibly uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Research has shown that those who sit at their desk all day have an increased risk of contracting diabetes and heart disease, as well as gaining weight.

This has resulted in the rise of standing desks, which allow you to work while standing up.

These desks offer tremendous benefits to your health and can even increase your productivity.

TekDesk v2.0 by DeskStand

DeskStand has developed a reputation for offering high-quality, effective standing desks.

The TekDesk v2.0 is no exception and offers fantastic features that will ensure you get the most comfortable and convenient standing desk experience.

It is incredibly easy to set up – making it great both for your office and for remote working – thanks to its motors which raise and lower the desk automatically.

One of its most impressive features is the ability to set three different usage positions for height adjustment, meaning you can determine which positions are most comfortable for working and programme the TekDesk v2.0 to remember them.

This results in you simply pressing one button for the TekDesk v2.0 to automatically adjust to the perfect setting for your requirements.

Alternatively, you can use the up and down switches to manually adjust the desk until it is the perfect height. Adjustments take place in seconds and are incredibly quiet

The desktop itself is then developed in South Africa and is of the highest quality.

“It is a natural birch top with a surface that is durable, but smooth enough to be used as a mousepad,” said reviewer Jonathan Bossenger.

For peace of mind, TekDesk also includes a 3-year warranty on the motors and a 6-year warranty on the frame.

“If you’re in the market for a standing desk option, I highly recommend checking out the DeskStand range,” said Bossenger.

You can read Bossenger’s full review here.

Get the TekDesk v2.0 today

The TekDesk v2.0 is now available from the DeskStand website.

It is available with three desktop types:

  • Natural Birch Top – R11,999
  • Matt White Top – R15,499
  • Matt Black Top – R15,499

Click here to buy the TekDesk v2.0.

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TekDesk v2.0 – The perfect standing desk