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Reliable cellular reception at remote farm – Inteto Connect Case study

South Africa is a large country, and many people live far away from big cities.

One such person is Jeremy Pearson, who owns a farm in a remote valley in the Eastern Cape.

This farm did not have cellular reception, and fixed line services to the farm were no longer being serviced, meaning he needed to come up with a new solution to keep his family and employees connected.

A mobile tower is situated about 8km away from the top of a mountain which was blocking his signal.

From the top of this mountain, it is about 1.5km to his farmhouse.

How Inteto Connect helped

Inteto Connect worked with TeleRay CC, a partner based in Port Elizabeth, to assist Pearson get his farm connected to the mobile tower.

A Wilson amplifier was installed on the aforementioned mountain, and two LPDA-92 antennas were connected to the amplifier using low loss cable.

One of these antennas pointed towards the tower, while the other pointed down to the house.

The system was then powered using a solar panel and batteries to create an area of approximately 50m around Pearson’s house where calls could be made and received.

However, due to the farmhouse having thick walls and a corrugated iron roof, the signal was not penetrating into the house.

This was solved by installing another amplifier inside the house with an LPDA-92 antenna pointing towards the installation on the mountain and a smaller omni-directional antenna transmitting the signal in the house.

Now Pearson has reliable signal in and around his farmhouse, ensuring he, his family, and his staff can all use voice and data to connect to the rest of the world.

Choosing the right antennas

Rayne Nell from TeleRay CC was a key player in this project and said that using the right hardware is key to completing such projects successfully.

“When installing cellular boosters, I spend a lot of time on antenna selection,” said Nell.

“When you choose the right antenna, the rest is easy!”

Nell used Poynting LPDA-92 antennas for this project and said these were key to the success of the operation.

“A cellular booster can only perform as well as the antenna you choose and how well it is installed,” said Nell.

If you need high gain antennas to solve a connectivity challenge, Poynting antennas are a great solution.

Please contact Inteto Connect at 0800 443 443 or [email protected] to solve your cellphone reception problems and click here for more information on their cellular boosters.

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Reliable cellular reception at remote farm – Inteto Connect Case study