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Tech Dreams with Modern Computing and 11th Gen Intel Core Processors

Designed for the future, Intel Core processors have been shaping the world we live in and with 11th Gen Intel Core processor technology, discover boundary breaking performance with unmatched intelligence!

The world’s best processor just got better and Willem van den Heever, a renowned documentary filmmaker, photographer and explorer took the new Dell Inspiron 5406 Core i7 out for a test run.

Telling stories comes naturally to Willem, but he didn’t stop there and took his dream one step further.

He set out to combine his skills with the latest tech to educate the world on the impact we have on the environment so that we can discover, change and improve the actions we take to guarantee a sustainable planet for future generations.

Willem and his passion to create, share and innovate our actions towards a better tomorrow are perfectly paired with Intel and what the 11th Gen Intel Core processor is designed for – to accomplish tasks with unmatched speed and performance with AI software for remarkably responsive performance and productivity that shape, create and discover new ways to work, play and share our passions.

As the Home of Modern Smart computing, discover the new 11th Gen Intel Core processor with Intel IrisX Graphics with impressive creating & gaming.

Up to 8K viewing and entertainment & greater speeds for designers and creators at

Whether you’re a business professional working remotely, or a dynamic environmental evangelist, now you can connect from anywhere, faster than ever before, thanks to Intel Wi-Fi 6 Technology.

A Modern device needs a modern connection for the Modern Home where Incredible Connection retails one of the few full Wi-fi 6ranges of routers to get the best out your Intel Core device.

Who said faster can’t be thinner? With 3x faster video editing and a whopping 32% faster Office productivity, innovate, create and play from anywhere with up to 16 hours battery life – work all day anywhere with fast charging support.

Incredible Connection offer a range of 11th Gen Intel Core devices from brands such as HP, Dell and Asus.

When it comes to technology, what’s inside really matters and when it comes to our global responsibility to the environment, what we do today, will matter tomorrow.

Follow the journey to inspire, educate and empower the dreams of regular South Africans with Tech that can enable your dreams too.

Watch Willem’s story as he films a new documentary in the Antarctic about our planet’s melting ice, or follow first-time graduate Tshilidizi, who was employed by Incredible Connection to springboard his graphic designer career.

Enjoy the ultra-famous musician Tresor, achieving his mission to give something back through his musical collaboration with aspiring artist Batundi and follow the journey of the impossible made possible with a dream and with Tech that enabled it.

Simply log onto the site and navigate to the Tech Dreams page and share your dream and how Tech could enable it and you could win the tech you need to start your journey too.

Let nothing hold you back, and get an 11th Gen Intel Core device on credit so you can Tech Now and Pay Later, visit for a full 3- Year Warranty on all computers.

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Tech Dreams with Modern Computing and 11th Gen Intel Core Processors