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Expand your Xbox game library with the Seagate Expansion Card

While the high-resolution graphics supported on the Xbox Series X and Series S provide incredible visuals compared to other gaming consoles, they also take up much more space.

The 802GB of useable storage on the Series X, or 364GB on the Series S, may be more than enough for some – but collectors and game hoarders will quickly find themselves filling up their drives.

Making matters trickier is the fact that popular AAA titles now take up more than 150GB each.

Those who want to be able to play multiple games without having to constantly remove and install titles will therefore have to invest in more storage – while at the same time ensuring they use a device which can deliver the fast speeds required by the box Series X|S.

Enter Seagate

The Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card is a powerful external SSD which adds 1TB of capacity to your console and offers the same super-quick data rates of your internal storage drive.

This custom-built SSD is made exclusively by Seagate, who partnered with Microsoft to offer the best possible speeds for the new console on an external drive.

The highly compact plug-and-play drive requires no cables or installation, and can simply be plugged into the purpose-made slot at the back of the Xbox Series X|S consoles.

Once connected, you can instantly install games directly onto the drive and play them from this storage device as well, negating the need for you to manage and balance your files one way or the other.

Thanks to the card’s seamless integration with Xbox Velocity Architecture, you will get the same fast loading speeds and can still use the Quick Resume feature to jump between titles within seconds.

Expand your library today

We were provided with a Seagate Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card to unbox and were impressed by its slim and light form-factor, which will make it easy to take your game collection from one console to the next.

You can also sign up here to receive the latest updates on improvements for this product.

Images from our unboxing of the Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card can be seen below.

Xbox Series X|S Expansion Card

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Expand your Xbox game library with the Seagate Expansion Card