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Keychron mechanical keyboards now available in South Africa

Keychron’s range of high-quality mechanical keyboards is now available in South Africa.

These keyboards are ideal for tech enthusiasts and gamers who are in the market for elite peripherals.

Keychron was founded by a group of keyboard enthusiasts spanning designers, marketers, and production experts.

Core team members Will Ye and Sven Zhu have significant experience in keyboard production and have dedicated the company to designing sophisticated mechanical keyboards with a minimalist aesthetic.

Why Keychron was founded

Keychron was founded by three friends who spotted a gap in the market to build wireless mechanical keyboards in a MacOS configuration.

The third team member, known as Fab, was the first to quit his job, and founded the company by organising a Kickstarter.

Will and Sven, meanwhile, contacted factories and designed the company’s first keyboard while still at their old jobs.

The trio then pooled money together to run small ads and build some trial versions of the keyboard.

The Kickstarter, which had originally targeted $10,000 in funding, was a major success, as it raised over $300,000 from Mac users who wanted a better keyboard solution.

This gave the trio the start they needed, although it also meant they had to ship and fulfil many more orders than they had predicted.

This resulted in a number of challenges, including overwhelming logistics requirements and new bugs in the first batch of keyboards.

The three founders worked tirelessly and intelligently to ensure they could keep up with demand.

This resulted in a second Kickstarter, where over a million dollars was pledged for the Keychron K2, and since then the company has gone from strength to strength – with several additional Kickstarter campaigns allowing the company to develop a number of new keyboards.

Key to the success of the brand has been its community of fans, who regularly provide feedback and suggestions on how to make Keychron keyboards even better.

Keychron’s Facebook community has now grown to over 25,000 members, and its keyboards have developed a reputation as high-quality, valuable devices across a variety of operating systems.

Keychron keyboard features

A great feature of Keychron mechanical keyboards is their support for hot-swapping, which means your keys click into place without needing to be soldered onto the keyboard.

This makes it easy to switch the keys used on your keyboard and is perfect for those who want to customise their set-up.

Another great benefit of Keychron keyboards is that they are available in both wired and wireless versions.

Through their wireless functionality, Keychron keyboards can connect to up to three devices via Bluetooth, while the wired option connects to your device via a USB Type-C connection.

This versatility means you can connect your keyboard to a variety of devices – including your laptop, smartphone, or tablet – with ease.

This is a great feature as Keychron keyboards are compatible with multiple operating systems – including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Keychron is also one of the few mechanical keyboard brands that offers macOS media keys with the same layout as conventional Mac devices – which can be interchanged with the Windows equivalents thanks to their hot-swap functionality.

Become a Keychron reseller

Syntech is the South African distributor of the Keychron brand.

As a leading local distributor which sells brands including AMD, Crucial, Micron, MSI, Intel, Redragon, and Western Digital, Syntech has a reputation for offering excellent tech products to local resellers.

Keychron is no exception.

If you are interested in becoming a Keychron reseller, click here to contact Syntech.

Buy a Keychron keyboard

If you are in the market for a mechanical keyboard, Takealot offers a variety of great Keychron options.

These include several Keychron mechanical keyboards as well as a number of switch options for your customisation pleasure.

Click here to view the Keychron range available on Takealot.

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Keychron mechanical keyboards now available in South Africa