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Get the right chassis for your computing needs from CME

When building industrial computer systems, industrial rackmount chassis are often a popular choice for design engineers.

This is because they allow for several chassis to be positioned within a single rack – optimising space in your server room and streamlining your operations.

Good industrial rackmount chassis support both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch drives, and support various power supplies, fans, and add-on cards.

This makes them flexible and easy to configure and provides a solid foundation for applications, resulting in their use across almost all industries.

Rackmount industrial chassis come in various height options which are usually measured in 44mm units denoted by ‘U’.

Common options include 1U, 2U, and 4U chassis. 1U chassis are often used for firewall applications within an organisational setting, while organisations will typically use a 4U chassis for their servers.

Each size of industrial rackmount chassis offers unique benefits that are best suited to specific use cases, for example, a 1U chassis is 44mm tall, meaning it takes up less space, but allows for fewer components to be installed within the chassis.

A 4U chassis, by comparison, is 176mm tall – offering more space for components, but also uses more space in a rack.

Considerations when choosing the correct rackmount chassis include what components you will need within it, the amount of space you have available for the chassis, as well as the likelihood of needing to add more components or chassis in the future.

Rackmount chassis from CME

Leading South African electronics goods provider Centurion Micro Electronics (CME) offers four rackmount industrial chassis options to local businesses:

K125L 1U Chassis

K239F 2U Chassis

K339F 3U Chassis

K445FB 4U Chassis

Each of these chassis come with two front USB ports, boast black powder coated 1.2mm mild steel, and offer bays for 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch drives.

If you are in the market for something smaller and do not need to rackmount, CME offers a fantastic Mini-ITX chassis that is perfect for your needs – the A-ITX-701-CME – which costs just R534.75.

This small chassis has space for two 2.5-inch hard drives and can be VESA mounted behind a monitor thanks to its 195 x 200 x 60mm size – meaning it won’t clutter your work space.

It supports various AC or DC power supplies, and if fitted with a riser card up to two add-on peripheral cards can be installed.

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Whether you are building servers for your organisation or require a powerful and comprehensive firewall solution, CME is equipped to assist you.

They will build and test the solution on your behalf, taking the hassle out of your hands.

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Get the right chassis for your computing needs from CME