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Intelligent storage for the ever-evolving data centre

By Traci Maynard, Executive at Axiz (Pty) Ltd.

Data is one of the most vital commodities that a business can own.

However, it is growing exponentially and research suggests that the total amount of data created, captured, copied and consumed in 2020 is expected to reach 35 zettabytes (35 trillion gigabytes).

While information is a valuable asset, most companies accumulate so much of it that they risk becoming data rich, but insight poor.

This reduces their ability to develop meaningful insights, increases their expenses, and creates security risks.

Adding to the problem is that a lot of data has a limited lifespan and will eventually become irrelevant, inaccurate or outdated. Yet, it is often held onto in the mistaken belief that someday it might be of use.

At Axiz, we have helped countless businesses who desperately needed to improve their data storage systems and addressed these challenges.

Data overload usually arises when organisations use traditional storage methods that are much less efficient than the powerful intelligent solutions available from vendors such as HPE.

Most traditional storage solutions come with procurement cycles that span several months, forcing businesses to either pre-emptively overinvest in storage to avoid running out of capacity, or pause their projects and innovation until they have more storage available.

A common problem

In fact, research has found that about two-thirds of enterprises that use on premise storage solutions overinvest to avoid running out of capacity, while also having to employ storage engineers to manage and maintain their solutions.

Not only is hiring these engineers a challenging and costly exercise, but it also requires you to invest time and money to support your storage solution, rather than investing in innovation.

On top of that, the potential of human error creeps in, meaning that you can never be certain that your storage is being adequately maintained.

Many organisations have simply accepted these challenges as part of data storage operations, but there are HPE Intelligent Data Storage solutions offered by Axiz which can optimise your data storage while saving you money.

HPE Intelligent Data Storage

HPE Intelligent Data Storage provides customers a real-time, Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML) driven management capability across their entire hybrid cloud infrastructure that will dynamically optimise their IT environments.

An ideal solution is HPE GreenLake, which delivers storage infrastructure with performance, scale, agility and efficiency to address all your business needs.

HPE GreenLake provides a set of workload-optimised, consumption-based solutions built on an intelligent data platform and delivered to you entirely as a service.

Built-in buffer capacity eliminates the risk of overprovisioning by ensuring you’ll be able to handle any unexpected demand, and HPE will work with you to add resources as needed before your business needs additional capacity.

With HPE, your data works for you, rather than the other way around.

Additionally, HPE InfoSight is a valuable tool that uses AI to provide the ability to monitor, detect and predict issues that can occur across an organisation’s complex IT infrastructure.

It has the ability to self-manage, self-heal, and self-optimise – and its predictive nature also ensures that your data is stored securely.

HPE InfoSight is built for all cloud environments, making it easy to transfer your data between cloud solutions securely.


Axiz is a leading local HPE partner that has developed a reputation for excellence. We offer an extensive range of HPE’s solutions that will take your data storage to the next level.

This will ultimately result in reduced costs, improved insights, and less risk.

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Intelligent storage for the ever-evolving data centre