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Best way to reach IT decision makers in South Africa

MyBroadband makes it easy for South African IT and telecoms companies to connect with IT decision makers.

MyBroadband reaches over 5 million South Africans through its online publication and social media channels.

What makes this audience unique is the exceptionally high number of C-level executives, IT managers, and business owners.

The latest statistics provided by Narratiive, the official measurement partner of the IAB South Africa, reveal that the majority of MyBroadband’s readers are technology decision makers.

They further show that most readers have tertiary qualifications and are at a management or executive level in their companies.

Readers predominantly live in Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban. English and Afrikaans are the dominant home languages.

Nearly all MyBroadband’s readers use the Internet daily, which means online advertising is by far the best way to reach this audience.

The table below provides an overview of MyBroadband’s audience.

MyBroadband Readership
Demographic Number of readers
Male 1,114,678
Female 594,659
University degree 351,462
Postgraduate University degree 225,936
Masters / Doctorate 98,926
Management 819,575
Business Owner 192,039
CEO / Director 43,587
Gauteng 822,957
Cape Town 317,103
Durban 233,558

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Best way to reach IT decision makers in South Africa