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Hisense H50 – The new player in the premium smartphone market

The Hisense H50 is launching in South Africa on 24 March and is a serious competitor in the premium market.

It’s about time that a smartphone came along and created a stir in the premium mobile device market.

Enter Hisense, the new unsung hero from China, who has launched their latest Infinity H50 range.

The H50 range is a serious contender in the premium market and is jam-packed with features to create a user experience that rivals the best phones out there.

The H50 has three options to choose from: the H50, the H50 Zoom, and the H50 Lite.

The H50 range has been designed to satisfy consumer needs through boosted-up or streamlined derivatives, but the fundamental platform across the entire range remains the same.


The H50 houses four cameras. The rear camera set-up combines a 64 MP HD main camera, an 8MP wide-angle camera, and an impressive multi-functional 2MP depth and macro-lens.

The H50 also has a 32MP front camera, which has a new feature called ‘Beauty Mode’.

It intelligently identifies the light conditions and adjusts the aperture automatically, so there are no more blurry, spur-of-the-moment photos.

The H50 Zoom also has a first-of-its-kind 16MP pop-up camera with a flash. This signature piece allows you to capture impeccable selfies in portrait mode.


The H50 and H50 Zoom use an octa-core processor that is supported by 6GB of RAM and a standard 128GB storage facility to run Android 11 seamlessly.

The H50 Lite is slightly smaller with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage space, but don’t let that deter you – it performs just as well as the rest of the H50 family.

Another very important aspect that Hisense has factored into the H50 series is its security features.

The side-mounted fingerprint sensor and facial recognition technology mean these phones are basically impenetrable.

Consider them as a personal safety deposit box for all your confidential digital information.


Another key feature of the H50 is its impressive screen.

With a 91.26% screen-to-body ratio, it wraps around the entire device – which is why Hisense has aptly named its range “Infinity”.

It’s clear to see that Hisense has placed a large emphasis on the way these smartphones present themselves – in terms of their display, design, and performance.

The H50’s design is inspired by the movement of light, and it comes in two colours: Pine Green and Black Jade.

The carved 3D gradient also creates a colour-changing effect from different angles and feels masterfully crafted to the touch.

The H50 Zoom is then finished with an artistic iridescent effect, giving it an avant-garde and vogue-like quality.

The Hisense H50 range will be launched in South Africa on 24 March at 16:00.

Click here to watch the Hisense H50 range’s South African launch.

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Hisense H50 – The new player in the premium smartphone market