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What to consider when choosing a business connectivity solution

The Internet has become a key part of almost every business as a result of the wealth of opportunities and features it provides.

Whether you are selling your products online to a broad audience, or need to keep in contact with your team – any business that does not have a reliable Internet connection is making a big mistake.

It is understandable, however, that many SMEs are hesitant to spend lots of money on enterprise-grade connectivity solutions.

Thankfully, there are a plethora of options available from MTN that allow your SME to balance Internet quality and price to get the perfect solution.

MTN has the best network

MTN stands out as the obvious choice for SMEs for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the mobile network operator has been highlighted regularly by MyBroadband as having the best network in the country.

MTN has achieved this fantastic feat by investing billions of rand into their network over the years, prioritising an incredible user experience.

This means you can rest assured that whichever package you choose from MTN, you will be running on a truly world-class network.

MTN has also become well-known within the industry for implementing innovative ways to optimise their use of spectrum.

This enables the network operator to supply market-leading connectivity across a range of products.

Additionally, MTN has invested significantly to ensure it has a leading fibre network across the country – both in terms of its national network between towers, and its customer-facing fibre products through Supersonic.

Mobile and fixed

With this in mind, the question is no longer whether MTN is the right connectivity provider for your business – rather, it is whether you should select a fixed or mobile package.

This includes:

  • Mobile broadband – connecting through MTN’s nationwide cellular network.
  • Fixed wireless – connecting through radio transmission via devices like microwave transmitters.

The biggest benefit of mobile broadband connectivity is that it is portable – if you have signal on MTN’s mobile network, you can use your mobile broadband connectivity products.

On the other hand, fixed wireless offers faster speeds and improved latency, but you need to connect to a specific point-to-point microwave transmitter.

The right option for your business will depend on your specific needs, such as if it is more important to be able to connect from anywhere, or for you to have the best possible speeds.

It is also worth understanding that your connectivity solution will not be limited to browsing the Internet and reading your emails. MTN offers a range of products that allow you to unify your communications solutions onto a single platform.

If you would like assistance on picking the right solution for your business, click here.

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What to consider when choosing a business connectivity solution