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Why continuous modernisation is the best strategy – Download the report

To gain the most benefits from modernisation, your strategy should be continuous.

Modernisation has been a major topic in the enterprise space for several years, but has been greatly accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Businesses have focused on immediate, aggressive modernisation moves that were necessary to continue operations, however, without always considering a long-term roadmap.

Research done by leading digital solutions provider Micro Focus in partnership with The Standish Group shows that businesses gain the most benefits from modernisation when they implement it as a continuous, strategic program rather than as a one-and-done project.

This data was collected through The Standish Group’s CHAOS2020 Report and found that the “Infinite Flow” method of modernising core business applications has many benefits across areas such as customer satisfaction, return of value, sustainable innovation, and longer application lifespans.

Infinite Flow is a non-project-based software development and implementation environment that uses a service-oriented method to reduce friction and delays associated with traditional, project-based software development methods.

The Standish Group’s research was conducted across multiple decades and included over 50,000 participants.

It found that the Infinite Flow model narrows the gap between project management and delivery teams while ensuring ongoing modernisation activities.

Modernisation must be a long-term strategy

Leading research firm Gartner predicts that by 2023, 90% of current applications will still be in use, but most will have received insufficient modernisation investment.

As one of its recommendations, Gartner stated that enterprises must implement a continuous modernisation program.

This will “ensure all modernized applications are kept current for both technology and business fit, by requiring a funding line for all business capabilities for out years”.

Gartner highlighted that decreasing the number of applications that are modernised in each modernisation “wave” reduces the overall modernisation risk.

This, in turn, increases the adoption of applications that have been modernised.

However, it also notes that even this “chunking” of modernisation is not a once-off event.

“All modernised applications must be continually reviewed for business need, technical capability, code quality, and application documentation quality,” said Gartner.

“Failure to do this will mean application leaders going back to the board requesting another round of modernization.”

“Prevention is better and more cost-effective than cure.”

Let Micro Focus help you

If you are interested in learning more about how the Infinite Flow model can help your business improve its strategic modernisation practices, Micro Focus can help.

The Infinite Flow model aligns to the Micro Focus philosophy of modernisation, which comprises the use of a multi-phased approach to return ongoing, incremental value to the business.

The Micro Focus Modernisation solution is the holy grail of continuous modernisation, offering a holistic, enterprise-scale suit of technologies that helps you craft the ultimate modernisation path and strategy.

Contact Micro Focus today to learn more.

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Why continuous modernisation is the best strategy – Download the report