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Bolton Technical introduces the WilsonPro A8000: A commercial-grade, in-building cellular repeater

Bolton Technical, the industry leader in cellular signal booster technology and services, today announced the launch of the new WilsonPro A8000 by Wilson Electronics.

Although South Africa has fairly well-established mobile network coverage that delivers strong signal across its urban areas, even the strongest cellular signal cannot fully penetrate building materials such as glass, concrete and brick used to build modern buildings.

As companies get rid of their landlines and increasingly rely on mobile phones, the need for strong, reliable cellular signal has never been more important.

The WilsonPro A8000 commercial grade cell signal booster provides significantly enhanced voice and data signal inside buildings by finding existing signal outside the building, bringing that signal inside and amplifying it, and then distributing the amplified signal throughout the building, assuring strong, reliable cell coverage.

This cell signal amplifier system is perfect for large corporate office blocks, retail stores, manufacturing warehouses or commercial spaces of up to 8000m2.

The amplifiers are stackable and scalable. By combining amplifiers, installers can configure cellular coverage for in-building areas of up to 50,000m2 – depending on the building’s architecture.

The amplifier generates up to 21 dBm in uplink power per port— enabling it to reach towers at much greater distances. With up to 18 dBm in downlink power, it’s also one of the most powerful amplifiers in its price range.

With all four indoor-antenna ports equipped with up to 18 dBm downlink power of their own, each of the four indoor antennas can effectively broadcast signal.

The WilsonPro A8000 boasts the latest technology in cell signal boosting innovation such as all-new Multi-Tower Targeting technology. Multi- Tower Targeting Technology™ is a powerful technology developed by WilsonPro and available on their commercial-grade line.

This technology works through multiple outdoor antennas that are each dedicated to a different cell tower.

By dedicating each antenna to a different cell tower, it allows you to provide the best possible indoor cell coverage in a multi-tower environment.

In situations where you don’t require multiple outdoor antennas, the WilsonPro A8000 can utilise “common mode” to maximise indoor cellular connectivity with a single outdoor antenna

Previously, IT technicians had to be onsite to diagnose any cellular amplifier issues. Leveraging one of WilsonPro’s newly enhanced features, the WilsonPro Cloud, users can monitor and adjust the amplifier from a remote location by using any device, smartphone, or tablet.

The WilsonPro Cloud portal saves up to three months’ worth of performance data.

WilsonPro Cloud allows you to control the booster and monitor all issues such as system failure, oscillation, change in signal strength and daily usage.

It allows IT professionals to troubleshoot remotely when needed and provides the necessary data to justify Return On Investment (ROI) on the infrastructure costs and manage user expectation in the building.

The A8000 incorporates Wilson Electronics’ state-of-the-art XDR (eXtended Dynamic Range) technology that prevents signal overload conditions which could force the amplifier to shut down.

When the WilsonPro A8000 amplifier systems senses that any incoming cell signal is too strong and threatens to overload the system, XDR automatically reduces amplifier gain to compensate while maintaining signal coverage throughout the building.

In-building Wireless Network Design Software – iBwave

iBwave, the industry standard software for in-building cellular planning & design has recently registered the WilsonPro A8000 as one of its components. RF designers can now create 3D models with a very high level of accuracy and faster than ever before.

Designers can import floor plans and create simulations using the A8000 and over 35,000 additional parts (antennas, cables, access points) to create advanced 3D designs that illustrates both coverage and capacity.

iBwave offers design automation that include automatic link budget calculations, automatic cable length calculations and automatic access point placements, as well as smart antennas contouring for live signal strength predictions –all dramatically reducing the time to finish cellular design projects.

A detailed report showing predicted performance of the network, ouput maps as well as how it complies with clients’ performance KPI’s is easily generated and ensures high-quality models are delivered using the A8000 amplifier that meet client expectations every time.

An Alternative to Active DAS

The WilsonPro A8000 provides a cost-effective, efficient alternative to active distributed antenna systems (active DAS) available in the South African market.

The cost of this system is on average less than a quarter of the cost of a traditional DAS system – and the benefits are plentiful.

Traditional Active DAS systems typically create a single-network signal – one that boosts signal only for a specific mobile network, for example, Vodacom or MTN.

Installing a WilsonPro A8000 system for large commercial coverage is less intensive and less expensive due to reduced infrastructure requirements, when compared to an Active DAS solution, which also leads to much shorter installation turn-arounds.

With all the benefits and features the WilsonPro A8000 offers, it’s easy to see why this solution is expected to revolutionise the in-building cellular coverage market in SA.

About Wilson Electronics and Bolton Technical South Africa

Wilson Electronics are North America’s largest manufacturer of consumer and commercial grade cell phone signal boosters. The 45 year old Utah Based Company offers state of the art R&D and testing facilities and own over 30 patents in this ever growing slice of technology.

Bolton Technical are the sole distributors of Wilson Electronics range of cellular amplifiers under the brand names WilsonPro and weBoost in Africa.

We offer world-class technical support based in Johannesburg and our installation teams work across South Africa. All our signal boosters come with a 30-day money back guarantee and 1 year product warranty.

All weBoost and WilsonPro Cell Phone Boosters are ICASA approved and legal for use in South Africa. Network protection is the highest priority for all boosters supplied by Bolton.

For more information visit us at Bolton Technical. A cell phone signal expert will gladly assist you in getting better signal today.

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Bolton Technical introduces the WilsonPro A8000: A commercial-grade, in-building cellular repeater