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HP Neverstop Laser printers – No cartridges, no hassle

Organisations that use printers will understand the frustration of continuously running out of toner.

This can interrupt work processes and reduce the productivity of employees who have to manage and troubleshoot this tedious process

This is why HP has developed the HP Neverstop Laser range of printers – cartridge-free, hassle-free, and built for the future.

How it works

HP is aware of how frustrating process of replacing printer cartridges is.

It therefore developed an innovative new way of refilling its Neverstop Laser printers that simplifies the process substantially.

You simply take a toner reload kit, slot this kit into the designated place on the printer, and inject the toner – much like a syringe.

This entire process takes just 15 seconds and removes all messiness from the toner replacement process.

Not only is this method much more convenient; it also saves up to 60% on your toner costs.

Your HP Neverstop printer also comes with up to 5,000 pages worth of printing out the box, and each toner reload kit injection enables a further 2,500 pages to be printed.

Mobile printing

This innovative new way of refilling your printer makes the Neverstop range of HP printers the obvious choice for your business.

Additionally, the printers are packed with several great features and tools.

One such tool is the HP Smart app, which makes it easy to print from anywhere: simply queue the print job on your app and the connected printer will do the rest.

For example – if you are at work but need to print on your home computer, the app makes this possible in just a few taps on your smartphone.

The app also makes it easy to use your smartphone to access documents or files on your Google Drive and print them on your Neverstop printer.

This printer does not require any cables, either, making it a great option for offices as they do not need to physically connect each device to the printer.

Get an HP Neverstop printer from DCC

Leading South African ICT distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) offers a large range of HP printers – including the following Neverstop models:

  • HP Neverstop 1000n
  • HP Neverstop Laser MFP 1200n

Contact DCC today to learn more about these amazing printers.

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HP Neverstop Laser printers – No cartridges, no hassle