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Get excellent Vumatel fibre prices from Mind the Speed

With the added financial pressure many people are facing, fibre customers have been on the lookout for good deals.

To their delight, Openserve recently dropped its fibre prices and pressure has been mounting on other fibre network operators to follow suit.

Vumatel, meanwhile, is shutting down its asynchronous packages (10/2 Mbps and 20/2 Mbps) from 1 April 2021, with customers on these packages being forced to move up to more expensive synchronous alternatives.

Mind the Speed, however, already offers synchronous Vumatel products that are priced similarly to the traditionally cheaper asynchronous packages that are now being shut down, and has done so since its launch in August 2019.

Since this launch, Mind the Speed has grown from strength to strength and offers some of the best prices on the Vumatel network:

  • Vumatel 10/10 Mbps: 14.2% lower price on average
  • Vumatel 20/20 Mbps: 10.6% lower price on average
  • Vumatel 50/50 Mbps: 6.5% lower price on average
  • Vumatel 100/100 Mbps: 6.1% lower price on average
  • Vumatel 200/200 Mbps: 5.2% lower price on average

The table below compares Mind the Speed’s fibre prices to competing ISPs on Vumatel’s fibre network.

Package Mind the Speed ISP 1 ISP 2 ISP 3 ISP 4 ISP 5 ISP 6
10/10Mbps R620 R749 R749 R728 R725 R695 R695
20/20Mbps R790 R929 R907 R888 R895 R845 R845
50/50Mbps R980 R1,049 R1,117 R1,058 R1,045 R1,035 R995
100/100Mbps R1,140 R1,199 R1,247 R1,208 R1,245 R1,195 R1,195
200/200Mbps R1,410 R1,499 R1,497 R1,398 R1,495 R1,495 R1,549

Switch to Mind the Speed

As the 10Mbps and 20Mbps packages are the most popular on the market, customers should seriously consider switching to Mind the Speed – where they can save up to R129 per month.

Mind the Speed has implemented a world-class network with multi-layered infrastructure that implements extensive redundancies and offers some of the lowest latencies to the US, UK and Europe.

This results in Mind the Speed offering a very stable network, and makes it easy for Mind the Speed to offer the awesome customer support levels it prides itself on.

Don’t trust their word for it, however – do your homework and see what existing customers are saying about the service levels on platforms like HelloPeter.

Mind the Speed prides itself on offering a low time-to-respond, as there is nothing more frustrating than waiting for a call center agent to answer your call.

In fact, Mind the Speed’s average time to answer is just 15 seconds.

The same applies to email responses, where Mind the Speed’s average time to first response is 25 minutes, while the ISP offers extended support hours in the evenings and on weekends.

If you’re looking for low fibre prices and elite support levels, sign up to Mind the Speed fibre today!

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Get excellent Vumatel fibre prices from Mind the Speed