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Keeping up with your customers – Free webinar

Salesforce and iOCO are running a joint webinar which discusses how the world changed for businesses in 2020, and what lies ahead for us all.

The event, titled “The Game of Change: Keeping up with your Customers,” will take place on 20 April 2021 from 10:00 join us to access valuable insight regarding the ways customer demand is evolving.

Business strategist and founder of Flux Trends Dion Chang will deliver the keynote address on how the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown changed the way businesses operate, unpacking “The Great Staggering” and how it has driven innovation, as well as how business management changed in two fundamental ways during the lockdown.

Explore how the mindsets of consumers have changed as a result of the national lockdown and look at the development of a new virtual economy – called V-commerce as automation takes centre stage.

We will also evaluate how supply chains and logistics have needed to be rethought in the wake of the national lockdown, and how to build innovative ecosystems that optimise business processes to serve consumer needs.

iOCO and Salesforce

iOCO Enterprise Applications Executive Tsepa Ramoriting and Salesforce Area VP Richard Chambers will follow Chang in a discussion around how this strategic partnership is making it easy for their clients to meet new customer demands.

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Keeping up with your customers – Free webinar