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Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index 2020 – Great news for South African businesses

Dell Technologies has published its Digital Transformation Index 2020 report for South Africa.

This report discusses the status of digital transformation efforts by the country’s businesses.

Dell Technologies partnered with independent research company Vanson Bourne to survey 1,000 respondents across Israel, Russia, Saudi Arabia/UAE, South Africa, and Korea to determine how their digital transformation efforts are going.

These businesses were judged on their IT strategy, workforce transformation initiatives, and perceived performance.

The answers these businesses provided were then compared against a core set of digital business attributes to determine how well they were implementing digital transformation measures.

South African businesses are doing well

The study found that South African organisations are succeeding in their digital transformation efforts, when compared to the rest of the world.

51% of South African organisations were classed in the top two categories – Digital Adopters and Digital Leaders – compared to 45% globally.

Digital Adopters were found to “have a mature digital plan, investments and innovations in place” – while for Digital Leaders: “digital transformation is ingrained in the DNA of the business.”

In contrast, fewer South African businesses were found to be in the bottom three categories – Digital Laggards, Followers, and Evaluators – who range from not having a digital plan, to “gradually embracing digital transformation.”

This data shows that South African organisations have transitioned from planning their digital transformation efforts, to actually implementing them comprehensively.

This is emphasised by the fact that South Africa’s 51% of businesses that are Digital Adopters or Leaders is a much higher figure than the 31% who were in these two categories in 2018.

“The Digital Transformation Index 2020 survey for South Africa, undertaken in November and December 2020, is particularly pertinent as it clearly shows that organisations across the country, have already begun to roll out significant digitalisation initiatives to drive business transformation,” said Dell Technologies South Africa Managing Director Doug Woolley.

“In many cases South African organisations surveyed are ahead of the global average and can be seen to be advocating digital transformation initiatives.”

Important emerging technologies

The study also found that South African organisations recognise the importance of emerging technologies.

66% of South African respondents believe remote learning will become more common in the next three to five years.

62% view data privacy as becoming a protected basic human right, and 61% believe the workforce will work remotely and will become more globally connected.

Dell Technologies is dedicated to helping South African organisations continue their digital transformation journeys while embracing emerging technologies, as complacency will result in these businesses being left behind.

“Given the pace of change today and the constant risk of falling behind, we at Dell Technologies are enabling our customers to be more competitive, optimise costs, and drive innovation,” said Woolley.

Click here to download the full report.

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Dell Technologies Digital Transformation Index 2020 – Great news for South African businesses