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Make business continuity part of your DNA with Logicalis Secure Data

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown businesses that they need to be prepared for every situation.

This is why business continuity should be a key part of all business systems – regardless of the business’s size.

Research has shown that over 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster that includes significant data loss, while 90% of smaller companies fail within one year of a disaster if they do not resume operations within five days.

If your business does manage to survive under these conditions, it will more than likely involve significant cost.

Business continuity solutions protect businesses against these risks by ensuring that the business continues to operate when disaster strikes.

Logicalis Secure Data

The Logicalis Secure Data business continuity solution provides comprehensive resiliency to South African businesses.

The offering spans across their European, APAC and America regions due to the unique data sovereignty design that utilises hyperscale cloud provider and managed services from the Logicalis South Africa Centre Of Excellence.

This solution makes it easy to implement business continuity and resilience across all your business workloads – no matter whether they are running in the private, hybrid, and/or public cloud.

Its wide range of SaaS integration – with ServiceNow, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft offerings on a pay-as-you-use model – makes it unique for business agility.

Customers using hyperscale cloud providers are often concerned with the egress cost of getting their data out of a cloud provider’s environment.

With this offering there is a zero-egress cost for workloads running in Microsoft Azure, making disaster recovery costs affordable to any business that is looking to make cloud part of their business continuity plan.

Due to financial and business challenges caused by utility companies like Eskom, businesses are continually disrupted and are now more than ever looking at cloud providers for guaranteed uptime of their systems.

While working with our customers, we found that hyperscale cloud providers do not have all the required capabilities available in the African region.

This triggered the development of a product that can assist customers wanting to use or to move to hyperscale providers and meet their regulatory obligations.

As the hyperscale cloud providers grow in country, this functionality will become available and cheaper for all businesses.

The Logicalis Secure Data service supports workloads in Azure, AWS, Alibaba, GCP and Huawei cloud.

It makes data management and governance of a multi-cloud strategy seamless, meaning the service is a perfect fit for organisations that are implementing remote or hybrid working systems, as it allows you to digitally transform your digital systems without having to switch to a different business continuity solution.

Another critical element includes the integration with remote work forces – protecting laptops and desktops that house the most critical business information.

It is important to note that Logicalis Secure Data is not just a backup tool, but also offers extensive security features and is perfect for businesses that are looking to be compliant with all data privacy regulations.

With the built-in RANSOMWARE protection, all data that is “backed-up” is scanned for vulnerability at no cost.

This rich combination of features combine to provide a comprehensive solution that means you are always managing your critical business data in a way that keeps your business running smoothly and without any unforeseen surprises.

Get Logicalis Secure Data

Logicalis is a leading solutions provider of digital services which serves 10,000 customers around the world.

It aims to design, support, and execute its customers’ digital transformation goals by using its expertise and extensive range of strategic partnerships.

Its local arm, Logicalis South Africa, is helping many South African businesses deal with their digital solutions needs within the context of the local landscape – ensuring continuity no matter the situation.

Contact Logicalis South Africa today to learn more.

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Make business continuity part of your DNA with Logicalis Secure Data