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It’s all about the Cloud – Unified Communications

By Shiaam Abrahams

Unified Communications is greatly becoming the pulse of every business’s survival strategy as they search for mediums to increase productivity, drive profitably through cost savings, and ultimately shape their business’s long- and short-term success.

Additionally, as businesses around the globe face great economic challenges in lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, the rise of remote working has certainly placed emphasis on the importance of well-built and scalable infrastructure.

While Unified Communications remains a popular topic in the telecoms arena, many companies have yet to find unified systems to integrate within their internal operational and telecoms infrastructures. This is why iMGroup’s iMobility brings you Next Generation Unified Communications (UC) as a wholesale telecoms service offering.

iMobility is a Level 2 BEE wholesale telecoms provider that aims to aid the process of integrating Unified Communications across SMME’s and large corporations.

The iMobility suite of exclusive product features and benefits is both tailored and conducive to meeting your wholesale telecom business needs.

In a world where flexibility, reliability and quality are all key factors to any service, the iMobility Mobile Unified Communications (MobileUC), MobiContact and MobiTeams services are all feature rich and well aligned.


MobileUC offers Unified Communications within a carrier grade platform.

This makes your UC activities effortless, smarter, interactive, multitenant, redundant and fully scalable at every level – eliminating any need for PBX Hardware.

It easily enables bulk user onboarding with just a click of a magic link.

The solution also offers, voice calls (talk), chat, file sharing, video conferencing and collaboration with seamless integration across desktop, web or mobile applications – all of which fully support Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS as well as IP Phone access.


iMobility MobiTeams is another great tool for your UC needs.

MobiTeams compliments your existing Microsoft Teams service by enabling voice dialling capabilities for external (off-net) call functionality.


MobiContact – Unified Communications is an iMobility call centre offering of centricity that boasts features such as queue routing, call queue management, agent desktop views, extensive queue reporting and real time queue dashboard navigation via user and admin portal functionality.

It places a significant focus on improving call centre queue management and profitability while improving service levels.

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iMgroup’s product suite services also include world-wide VoiP termination, bulk SMS, number portability with self-care customer portal billing, and rating services.

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It’s all about the Cloud – Unified Communications