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Why HP toners are the best choice for eco-friendly printing

If you sell office stationery or print supplies and don’t have HP products in your catalogue, you are missing out.

HP offers top-quality ink and toner cartridges – making them a must for all print supply dealers.

HP’s decades in the printing industry have allowed them to perfect their products, resulting in cartridges that are extremely reliable while printing pages with sharp blacks and a broad range of colours.

HP cartridges are not only high-performance, though – they also offer significant sustainability benefits.


HP’s sustainability drive starts when they manufacture new cartridges, by recycling used HP cartridges and other plastics returned through their HP Planet Partner programme.

100% of new original HP toner cartridges and over 80% of new original HP ink cartridges contain recycled materials.

It is important to note that HP does not simply refill or resell used cartridges – these used cartridges are broken down and the raw materials are used to create completely new products.

Therefore, if you’re focused on reducing your environmental impact without compromising on quality, HP cartridges are the obvious choice.

HP cartridges are also designed to meet eco-label emissions criteria.

This results in your home or working environment having improved air quality compared to if you used competing cartridges.

HP is committed to being a leader in sustainability in several ways, including:

  • By optimising operations in order to reduce energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and water consumption.
  • Working with suppliers to enhance their environmental impact, as well as improving the well-being of their employees.
  • Reporting sustainability efforts in the Sustainable Impact report.
  • Working with entities to provide increased access to quality education, healthcare, and economic opportunities for those who are disadvantaged or displaced.

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Additionally, DCC distributes a range of other popular technology brands across South Africa.

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Why HP toners are the best choice for eco-friendly printing