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What you need to know about SD-WAN – Sign up to this free webinar

SD-WAN OEM Fusion Broadband South Africa and Managed Service Provider (MSP) ITried have partnered to host a webinar about SD-WAN deployments in South Africa.

Ronald Bartels and Wynand Theron will represent Fusion Broadband and ITried respectively, and will discuss what SD-WAN is, what it isn’t, and what value it offers businesses in a South African context.

Bartels has over 20 years of networking experience with some of the largest businesses and financial institutions in the country, while Theron has extensive experience actioning SD-WAN for customers.

The pair will pay particular attention to how SD-WAN saves businesses money – especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the workplace.

The pair will begin the webinar with a concise presentation on the topics above, which will be no longer than 20 minutes.

After this presentation, the floor will be opened for questions and discussions.

You will also be able to interact with leading fixed wireless and fibre providers who can answer your connectivity questions.

The webinar will take place at 11:00 on 28 April 2021 and is a must for anyone who is interested in SD-WAN.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about how to join the webinar.

About Fusion Broadband

Fusion Broadband is an award-winning SD-WAN solutions provider which has developed a stellar reputation across Australia, the United Kingdom, and South Africa.

The company won the 2020 Beacon Award for Outstanding Infrastructure Services Solution and has helped countless businesses get the best possible business Internet experience.

This includes increased Internet speeds, improved reliability, and superior security to other solutions.

Fusion Broadband also offers a full toolbox that makes it easy to monitor network quality through a variety of intuitive Red-Amber-Green (RAG) dashboards as well as historical and real-time views of capacity, availability, and performance.

Click here to request a free 30-day assessment of your most problematic network site from Fusion Broadband.

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What you need to know about SD-WAN – Sign up to this free webinar