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Why you should choose Dashfibre as your ISP

The national lockdown has made it clear to South Africans that they need high-speed, reliable Internet at home.

This assists with remote working and also makes it possible to stream your favourite movies and series online.

The best Internet option for your home is fibre, and Dashfibre is dedicated to getting you connected quickly and affordably.

The founders

The story of Dashfibre starts with CEO, Jared Wessels.

He got involved in the Fibre industry in early 2016, and was passionate about making an impactful difference with internet connectivity in South Africa.

He has a vision where customers are not just a number, but are given the best possible experience and affordable pricing.

Mitchell Cameron, General Manager and Network Architect of Dashfibre from the beginning, has been in the IT industry for just over 2 decades.

He comes with great depth and breadth of experience in enabling business through technology, ranging from Enterprise to SME, across over 15 industries in South Africa.

Being in the service industry for many years means he has become a champion of excellence and customer delight, and is passionate about delivering world class service to customers.

With a drive to see positive change in the world, he is focused on enabling homes in South Africa with fast affordable Internet.

These two men were key to the founding of Dashfibre in 2017 as a reseller ISP because both Wessels and Cameron could see where service levels were lacking within the fibre industry.

It therefore aims to provide a full fibre ISP offering that improves upon the service many South Africans are currently receiving from their ISPs by providing superior customer satisfaction and great products at competitive prices.

In fact, Dashfibre focuses not on customer satisfaction, but customer delight – as it believes that simply being satisfied with your ISP is not good enough.

“Dashfibre has big visions and goals to change the way Internet services are provided to consumers all across South Africa,” the company said.

“We aim to provide some of the best services, efficient and friendly support, as well as quality fibre and Internet connectivity to our customers.”

Thanks to its focus on excellence, Dashfibre’s growth since 2017 has been remarkable and it is now peered with some of the largest fibre network owners in South Africa.

Why Dashfibre is the best choice

There are several reasons why you should choose Dashfibre as your fibre ISP.

The first is their prioritisation of customer delight.

Dashfibre strive to bring smiles to the faces of their customers – “making lightwaves and giving smiles” is their motto.

If your internet is working well, you don’t even know it’s there.

This is how it should be – it should be invisible and should just work.

They structure their packages in such a way that you save money while ensuring you get the right package for your needs – whether those needs are simply surfing the Internet, or streaming the latest shows in 4K.

Their fibre services are also reliable, resilient, and uninterrupted – ensuring you are always connected.

All of this is facilitated by Dashfibre’s friendly, passionate, efficient and skilled team, who have one clear goal: ensure that you are delighted with your fibre service.

Sign up for fibre

If you are ready to get fibre installed in your home, visit Dashfibre’s website to see if you are covered.

If you are, you can contact their support team right now and discuss which fibre product is best for your needs.

Click here to sign up for fibre from Dashfibre.

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Why you should choose Dashfibre as your ISP