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Cryptocurrency platform OVEX raises over R60 Million from International Crypto Exchange FTX

Cryptocurrency arbitrage is a hot trend at the moment as it offers solid profits with minimal risk.

This sets it apart from many other cryptocurrency investments, which tend to come with high levels of risk.

While arbitrage trades have existed for years, they have often been inaccessible due to all the permissions and approvals required when setting up such an investment strategy.

Fortunately, OVEX has changed the game for many investors by making the cryptocurrency arbitrage process quick and simple.

What is arbitrage?

Arbitrage refers to the exploitation of differences in asset prices in different markets.

For example, if a unit of cryptocurrency is worth R1,000 in the US and R1,030 in South Africa, buying on the US market and selling it locally would make the investor a R30 profit.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage on Ovex currently makes investors 2%-4% on their trades without exposing them to risk.

Risk is removed because the asset is only held for a few hours, meaning it is unlikely there will be any significant spikes or dips in the asset’s price.

OVEX also implements measures to guarantee that you will not be affected by any abnormal spikes in the value of the asset.

How OVEX brings value

Many cryptocurrency arbitrage strategies revolve around Bitcoin, but OVEX chose a different route by focusing on stablecoins.

It has a partnership with Trust Token, a stablecoin platform that boasts a market cap of over $320 million.

This lets it buy Trust Token US dollars (TUSD) cryptocurrency offshore at the international price and then sell them for a higher price on OVEX’s local exchange.

It trades at incredibly high volumes with no slippage, due to it having ultra-deep liquidity.

There are also options through the OVEX OTC desk to leverage large credit lines to enable immediate trade execution on high-volume trades.

This enables you to essentially trade now and deposit the funds later, with the OTC desk using its own funds to perform the trade immediately on your behalf.

Another great feature is that brokers can sign their customers up to OVEX and trade on their customers’ behalf.

“This is a revolutionary offering in the crypto space and I don’t think it has been done by any exchange worldwide,” said Ovex founder Jon Ovadia.

“Once a user enables a broker on their account, the broker has full access to the user’s account and is able to deposit, withdraw, and trade with security features such as email verification for sensitive actions like withdrawals.”

“This allows the broker to assist a user with arbitrage trading, or assist non-tech-savvy users with buying and selling cryptocurrency the same way a broker helps users buy traditional equities.”

If you’d like to become a broker or find out more about the OVEX arbitrage service click here.

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Cryptocurrency platform OVEX raises over R60 Million from International Crypto Exchange FTX