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Multi-franchise offices – How cloud-hosted business phone solutions can maximise business efficiency

For businesses and franchises with multiple sites, it’s vital that all branches and mobile workers stay connected so they are able to communicate and collaborate without any delays or hitches in workflow or processes.

With multi-branch calling functionality from Euphoria Telecom, this is both easy and free.

Why multi-branch matters

A multi-location, cloud-based, VoIP business phone solution facilitates a communications link between all of a business’ locations, neutralising issues like expensive inter-office call costs and disconnected remote workers.

Having multiple telephone systems for different branches is far more complicated and expensive than having a centralised business phone system that integrates value-added features and provides inter-branch calling completely free.

Setting up all your branches or franchises on the same cloud-hosted business PBX system allows you to link every site via one central platform, so inter-branch calls are essentially the same as internal calls and can be made at zero cost.

Having a single reception desk, as opposed to one for every franchise location, also maximises efficiency and simplifies the call routing process. Telephonic sales and support can be centralised, meaning there is no need for a support team at every site.

Narrowing the distance between branches

Multi-franchise functionality allows you to see if someone is on a call – even if they are at a branch that is miles away.

A virtual receptionist can route calls based on preset options allowing for efficient call handling. And your centralised phone hub offers all the benefits of one internal PBX system including zero cost, call back features and easy setup.

As the system is cloud-based, there is minimal hardware setup at every branch – no central server required, and physical handsets are optional.

A cloud-based system removes any geographical limitations because all communication occurs online, rather than via terrestrial phone lines.

One system, many devices

Anything from three to over 1000 extensions can be added to the centralised multi-branch hub, and extensions can be added or removed at will, quickly and painlessly.

A choice of devices can be used to make and receive calls, including a softphone system, a VoIP handset or a mobile device via a dedicated app.

The freedom of mobile connectivity allows three different devices to be connected to one extension, so no matter where you choose to work, you’re always available.

Setup time on a cloud-based PBX is far quicker than installing a landline-based system, even when multiple sites are involved.

Downtime is minimised because the system is hosted in the cloud and doesn’t rely on a physical PBX tied to one office location.

This means most technical issues can be handled remotely as opposed to on-site, and with no call out fees.

Fixed per-minute or per-second call rates cut costs on external calls in the long-term and you can choose from 200+ optional features including call recording, virtual receptionists, comprehensive call reporting and helpdesk functionality, for the best possible customer service experience.

Branch out with a one-stop VoIP business phone solution

No matter how many branches you have, Euphoria Telecom’s flexible phone solution easily connects all your offices, making it possible to stay in touch wherever in the world you or your employees are.

Euphoria offers scalable, completely customisable phone solutions for multi-branch and multi-franchise businesses and is trusted by over 4 000 happy clients nationwide.

Among them are familiar franchises like Mugg & Bean, iStore, Mr Delivery, Debonairs, Yuppiechef, Salsa Mexican Grill, Just Property.

With Euphoria’s solution, you can pick the features you need now and add more as you expand.

The system will seamlessly grow with your business.

Branch out into a VoIP, cloud-based business phone solution today and close the distance between your branches with minimum effort and maximum returns.

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Multi-franchise offices – How cloud-hosted business phone solutions can maximise business efficiency