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Are you getting the best value from your mobile deal?

With the price of petrol and electricity on the rise yet again, it seems impossible to catch a break. And because every cent counts, we at Cell C want to ensure our customers are getting the best deal their hard-earned money can buy.

The world is changing fast, and connectivity is critical now more than ever for our work, entertainment and social lives. Cell C has consistently championed value to bridge the digital divide and make internet access affordable for all.

In 2020, there were no adverse findings on Cell C’s data pricing, and instead, we voluntarily signed a memorandum of agreement with the Competition Commission on the implementation of mobile industry measures to improve access to data and increase pricing transparency for consumers.

In a recent South African Telco Sentiment Index by BrandsEye and Deloitte, we were recorded as having the highest positive and least negative pricing sentiment ranking us first with regards to lower data prices that offer the best value for customers.

Simo Mkhize, Cell C’s Chief Commercial Officer advises consumers that by getting the cheapest deal, it doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best value for money. He says, “As a consumer you need value beyond a low price, to change your world you must consider what else the deal offers. We are committed to closing the digital divide in our communities and so we’re rolling out plans that not only see prices reducing, but also offering extended validity times by an additional 6 months for select packages as well as fast and efficient access to the internet so they are not left behind.”

Further cementing our commitment to bringing connectivity to all, we are helping South Africans change their world with our new value bundle offers to ensure consumers get the most out of their connectivity.

The first one is the Home Connecta Flexi prepaid starter pack.

This innovative offer allows users to enjoy fast, easy and instant access to prepaid Wi-Fi – no installation required.

What’s more, is the consumer doesn’t need to sign a contract, and there are no long-term commitments; they can simply buy a Home Connecta Flexi LTE bundle when they need to. We are offering our customers real, practical solutions to keep them connected from as little as R59 for 10GB.

The second is the All-In-One offerings, which allow you to connect and call all with one affordable bundle.

These convenient bundles combine data and minutes so anyone anywhere can easily make phone calls, work from home, stay up to date, game, stream and more.

Customers have different connection needs, and All-In-One was specifically packaged to give users the perfect balance between phone calls and browsing online to suit their unique needs.

To provide customers with extra value, Cell C regularly runs promotions on All-In-one products where we double the data every time you recharge. With this current promotion customers can score 2GB anytime data for as little as R95 on a 30 day bundle.

That is not all, consumers can also now enjoy extra gigs by getting 3GB (2GB anytime and 1GB nite data) for R95 with our 30-day Data Bundles offer when they purchase on the Cell C App.

The lowest price deal isn’t always going to deliver on value, which is why consumers must ask the question, “what value am I getting for the low price I am paying”?

Being responsive and proactive in addressing this question sits at the heart of what we do at Cell C and our innovation is driven by the desire to bring the best possible communication solutions that empower consumers’ lives.

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Are you getting the best value from your mobile deal?