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Introducing Micro Focus OPTIC – The ultimate ITOM platform

OPTIC simplifies the process of transforming your IT systems by providing shared interfaces, functionality, and services.

Micro Focus has launched its rebranded ITOM platform, OPTIC (Operations Platform for Transformation, Intelligence and Cloud), and the company is confident that it will transform IT operations for businesses around the world thanks to its integrated and unlimited intelligence.

OPTIC provides shared interfaces, functionality, and services which allow you to leverage the benefits of digital transformation across your entire IT stack without the drama of new complexities across your cloud and on-premise environments.

The OPTIC platform has also focused on convergence across areas like the user experience, data and analytics, automation capabilities, and discovery and topology mapping.

“An ideal IT platform should not compound complexity by creating technical debt for future maintenance, incurring extra cost for AI/ML, or limiting your ability to manage across cloud and traditional environments,” said Micro Focus Senior Director of ITOM Product Marketing Travis Greene.

“With Micro Focus OPTIC, companies can transform without any drama by harnessing the platform’s embedded intelligence and extending operational best practices while retaining cloud agility.”

Key features that form part of the Micro Focus OPTIC platform include:

  • Unified process automation – Including best-practice content without brittle custom code.
  • Discovery and topology mapping – Efficient management for both cloud and on-premises environments.
  • A single pane for user self-service – Reduce user frustration with smart virtual agents.
  • Flexible deployment – You can deploy the platform in the cloud, as a service, on premise, or in containers.
  • Modular structure and flexible licensing – Avoid unexpected costs.

Complete integration

OPTIC makes all of the above and much more possible through open REST APIs and a broad set of connectors which allow you to build upon the tools and systems that already work for you.

OPTIC also offers broad analysis by processing and interpreting the data produced by these tools and systems.

Furthermore, it supports hybrid cloud environments by allowing your team to operate cloud services at the same time that you are running an on-premises approach.

This is crucial for businesses in the process of switching solutions to the cloud, as well as those that opt for a true hybrid system.

A vehicle for change

Ultimately, OPTIC includes an industry-leading automation engine which makes it easy for you to introduce new services to your IT stack while negating all the complexity that would usually be a big challenge to your business.

By enabling all your tools to work together, OPTIC makes your business smarter and optimises user experience and service delivery.

Click here to learn more about Micro Focus OPTIC.

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Introducing Micro Focus OPTIC – The ultimate ITOM platform