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Online advertising that just works

MyBroadband’s latest marketing products make it easy for South African companies to get great exposure online, and produce excellent results.

MyBroadband is South Africa’s largest IT and telecommunications publication, with 2 million monthly readers.

What makes it unique is the quality of its readers. The majority are C-level executives, IT managers, and business owners.

MyBroadband’s online marketing products therefore help local tech companies to get their message in front of these influential IT decision makers.

These products have been designed with three main features in mind:

  • Make it very easy for companies to launch great online marketing campaigns.
  • Ensure an excellent engagement rate and a high return on investment (ROI).
  • Produce easy-to-understand reports to track and improve the performance of campaigns.

These online marketing products include display advertising, sponsored articles, social media promotions, and video campaigns.

MyBroadband also offers clients its team of designers and content creators, who can help companies to design banners, write articles, and create videos.

The performance of these online campaigns has been excellent. They produce significantly higher engagement rates compared to traditional marketing products and the ROI more than doubled for many clients.

Case study

The power of these online marketing products is illustrated by a recent campaign run by Codehesion – South Africa’s premier mobile app development company.

Codehesion used a combination of sponsored content, social media promotions, and a video interview to promote themselves on MyBroadband.

The results were excellent. The company received strong feedback from their target market – company owners and IT decision makers – and generated millions of rand in business deals.

Codehesion said appearing on the front page of MyBroadband was the best thing it did to provide the business with exposure to the right audience.

The chart below shows Codehesion’s performance on various online platforms.

Codehesion Chart

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Online advertising that just works