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Make up to 20% per annum on cryptocurrency deposits with OVEX

When you invest your money into a bank account you earn interest.

Why shouldn’t it be the same when you deposit your cryptocurrency into your wallet?

This is why leading cryptocurrency investment platform OVEX offers interest accounts to users who invest cryptocurrency with them.

What’s more, you can get excellent rates on stablecoin deposits: Up to 20% per annum.

How it works

OVEX’s cryptocurrency interest accounts are incredibly simple to use. You simply take the cryptocurrency you own and deposit it into your interest account.

You will then earn interest, with this interest paid out at 17:00 every day.

Withdrawal notice periods for all OVEX interest accounts are 30 days and depending on the account you choose, you can earn up to 20% per annum.

Accounts are available both for stablecoins – like Binance USD and TrueUSD – and for popular non-tethered cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Access to these stablecoins essentially means you get the value of investing in the US Dollar without all of the red tape.

This is valuable, as most local rand-based investments are tainted by South Africa’s low interest rates and high inflation rates.

Additionally, the only requirement to access an OVEX interest account is a minimum balance.

Beyond this, you can sit back and watch your cryptocurrency investment become a great passive income source.


OVEX is a leading cryptocurrency investment platform which manages the largest OTC desk in South Africa – trading around R4 billion per month.

As a result, it has thousands of clients who make R250,000 or more per year through the platform thanks to its various investment options.

While OVEX’s interest accounts are extremely popular, they also offer other great options – such as OTC investment options and cryptocurrency arbitrage trading.

OVEX also charges extremely low fees – a flat 1% fee on OVEX’s Arbitrage Service – which means you make more from your investment.

Click here to learn more about OVEX’s interest accounts.

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Make up to 20% per annum on cryptocurrency deposits with OVEX