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New MTN Business uncapped

Business no longer looks the same and MTN is adapting, for you. Introducing MTN Business Uncapped; premium internet connectivity made for your business.

Get equipped with an unrestricted Wi-Fi connection; no more buffering, waiting, Zoom calls breaking up or unloading web pages. Keep your business connected with high-speed and reliable internet today.

Whether you’re working from home or the office, try the simple-to-install MTN Business Uncapped; all it takes is a small wireless receiver installed at your premises.

Plus, you don’t need a SIM, simply choose a package and pay a monthly fee.

This is how MTN Business Uncapped works: it uses wireless technology to connect you to the MTN network, ensuring that you get an unrestricted premium connection.

So, you can burn the midnight oil or clock-out at 17h00, you’ll still get super-fast, super-reliable internet – much like fibre, without having to rely on a fibre network operator to dig up roads or hang up fibre lines on street lampposts.

And if that’s not enough, our new MTN Business Uncapped packages range from as little as R799 per month. Now that’s bank for your buck!

Think about it; a premium, seamless, unrestricted, simple-to-install, reliable, fibre-like internet connection for your business? Believe it. Ask about MTN Business Uncapped today.

Doing business in a pandemic is difficult enough, let MTN take care of the little things. It’s go time! Time to transform your business, that is. Choose MTN Business Uncapped now.

Whatever your business needs, find a plan that suits you with MTN, we’ve got you covered, everywhere you go..

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New MTN Business uncapped