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OVEX – South Africa’s leading crypto arbitrage platform and exchange

Cryptocurrency arbitrage has become extremely popular with South Africans looking for high-yield investment opportunities.

Leading South African cryptocurrency investment platform OVEX offers a great platform to leverage the full benefits of these opportunities.

OVEX founder Jon Ovadia explains that the concept of arbitrage was around long before cryptocurrency was conceived.

“If you bought oranges in Polokwane for R100 and sold them in Joburg for R120, that is a simple form of arbitrage,” explains Ovadia.

“The reality is that arbitrage has been going on for centuries.”

How arbitrage works

Crypto arbitrage involves the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies on exchanges in a way that allows for quick profit to be made.

Countries with exchange controls – like South Africa – end up paying more to acquire internationally-traded cryptocurrencies than those who do not have such controls.

This means that if you buy cryptocurrencies for cheaper in other countries, and then sell them in countries like South Africa, you have the opportunity to make an immediate profit.

Why choose OVEX

OVEX uses the TUSD stablecoin to enable easy crypto arbitrage trading.

Its powerful platform also allows for instant trades, which removes the risk of price fluctuations between buying low and selling high.

“When the client buys USD from their bank to send overseas they are able to – at the exact same time – sell TUSD for a profit via the OVEX OTC (Over-The-Counter) desk, which will extend the client a credit line,” said Ovadia.

Through this functionality, OVEX can guarantee that the prices you see are the prices you get.

Another way OVEX makes you more money is by removing the cost of a tax clearance certificate – an expensive document that can cut into your profits.

It achieves this by giving you free tax services through its network of qualified tax practitioners.

You are guaranteed no trading losses, and OVEX charges a low, fixed 1% fee for your trades.

This amazing offer is currently enabling thousands of OVEX clients to make up to R250,000 per year or more – and you can be next.

Click here to get more info about OVEX’s Arbitrage Service.

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OVEX – South Africa’s leading crypto arbitrage platform and exchange