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How Huawei Cloud has boosted efficiency at AA South Africa

Huawei Cloud has helped the Automobile Association of South Africa (AASA) improve its efficiency across its systems and applications.

AASA is a non-profit organisation with close to 5 million registered users and 700,000 subscribers.

Its key services include road security, roadside assistance, and vehicle-related services to private consumers, transportation firms, road administration, police, and finance and insurance organisations.

It therefore has multiple applications which are client facing, and service volumes peak on holidays and weekends.

This results in website and app traffic placing a heavy strain on its online systems – including hosted infrastructure in a local data centre.

As the organisation has expanded, the need for computing resources increased, creating scaling, availability, and security challenges.

How Huawei Cloud helped

AASA turned to Huawei Cloud for assistance with this challenge, and has seen excellent results.

Huawei Cloud IaaS manages the organisation’s compute, storage, database, and monitoring services, allowing AASA to run its workloads more efficiently.

Additionally, through the services available across Huawei Cloud availability zones, AASA also has access to on-demand, zero-downtime upgrades when the latest security patches are released.

“Through face-to-face training and workshops with the Huawei Cloud South Africa team, we learned that Huawei Cloud is easy to use and can fully support our production environment,” said AASA chief technology officer Jaco van der Merwe.

Huawei has also reduced costs while increasing the reliability of AASA’s systems.

“Since migrating to Huawei Cloud, AASA has been able to keep costs down through more flexible billing,” said Huawei spokesperson Stone He.

“When more computing nodes are needed, Huawei Cloud automatically engages pay-per-use instances to expand resources to meet growing business demands.”

“We’ve helped AASA reduce costs by at least 10% per year.”

He also highlighted how Huawei Cloud makes the deployment of applications easy, as it does not require AASA to set up compute, storage, and network infrastructures.

“AASA enjoys hassle-free infrastructure and can easily scale up cloud resources whenever needed,” He said.

About Huawei Cloud

Huawei Cloud is a leading cloud transformation companion for South African businesses.

It offers leading cloud technologies thanks to Huawei’s global R&D investments, and does not use third party vendor technology – ensuring integrated infrastructure designed for the best possible performance.

Huawei Cloud also offers local support with a consistent experience regardless of your business size.

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Additionally, Huawei Cloud offers guaranteed cost savings without sacrificing performance, and this includes free migrations and POC credits.

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How Huawei Cloud has boosted efficiency at AA South Africa